How to push through a tough point in your run

So much of running is mental.  We’ve all had those moments in a run when we know our body could keep going, if we were just strong enough mentally to MAKE it keep going. It’s hard to stay motivated during a training run.  No one is watching, no finish line is waiting with race volunteers ready to post your time all over the internet.  There’s no immediate payoff for pushing yourself to complete that interval, or keep

What is the logical next step for your running?

  I see it all the time on the community message boards for running, or in conversations between runners.  Someone will ask how they should be training for an event, and someone else will rattle off all kinds of advice about how many miles they should be running a week, how much strength training they should be doing, how to determine the pace of their intervals, tempo runs, long runs… AHHH!!!  SLOW DOWN!!! These

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Someone I know who’s switching to a more plant-based diet recently asked me for breakfast ideas – when you cut out bacon and eggs, and don’t want to eat lots of sugars or carbs, it can feel like your options are limited! Here are some of the healthy breakfasts I love: Oatmeal: It takes less than 10 minutes to make old fashioned oatmeal (not instant) and both boys LOVE it.  I like to top it with

Running did nothing for you

I ran the fastest mile of my life! What it Means:

  I’ve been favoring 400 meter repeats for my track and interval workouts, because they don’t scare me as much as longer intervals.  I know that in about two minutes, I get to stop.  I can do anything for two minutes, right?!  I find 800s much more difficult, 1200s practically undoable, and have a huge mental block when it comes to 1600s. To motivate myself and break though my fear, I decided to make it

Interval Running With a Double Stroller

I had a babysitter cancel on the day I was supposed to run intervals… so I brought the kids in the double jogging stroller. I had been looking forward to intervals, and I was stubborn as a mule, so I decided to do the interval run anyway, just with the kids. Surprisingly, it went pretty well! Pacing: I didn’t have ANY idea how fast I should be running my intervals to accommodate for the addition of

Funny Quotations from Today’s Spin Class

I had a different spin class instructor this morning at Spynergy because I went earlier than normal and on a different day because my in-laws are here and could watch the kids (YESSSS!!!) The instructor, Jake, was a very enthusiastic guy about my age who likes to do ultra trail running and runs his own personal training studio at  He’s got a pretty positive, go-get-’em, type of personality.  There’s a chance he’s actually crazy,

The Importance of Clean Water

We’ve had an inconvenience the past three days when our town issued a boil water order because they’d found E. coli in one of the town’s water reservoirs. Water had to be boiled at least one minute before we could use it for drinking, food preparation, brushing our teeth, washing our dishes, washing our hands… everything. The amount of water you need to boil and then cool off to hand-wash dishes for a family of

How To Determine A Realistic Training Schedule

Are you over-committing your future self? There’s this really annoying thing I do to myself all the time.  I schedule a babysitter, or sign Will & Andrew up for a few hours of camp, and then I start day-dreaming about how I will use that time. I’ll meal plan!  Get ahead on the laundry! Do my running! Move a few boxes out of the basement and into the attic! Go to Whole Foods with no

The power of “Good morning!”

I like to wave, nod, or say hi to other runners on the road.  I don’t live somewhere that there are so many that it would be exhausting to acknowledge everyone, and I live in a place where most runners (and sometimes cyclists) tend to greet one another. But every so often, you see someone approaching you from the other direction and you really hesitate, because it’s not just that they won’t wave first, but

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