Velib – Biking in Paris

Biking was one of my favorite parts of visiting Paris.  The Parisians have a wonderful public bike system called Velib’, where you can borrow a bike from one of the stations located all over the city, and return it somewhere else.  We purchased a week-long pass, which allowed us unlimited rides of 30 minutes or less for only 8 euro.  We loved biking so much that we usually ended up riding longer than that, but

Halloween party success! Tips for planning a large children’s gathering

We had a wonderful Halloween Party with Will’s school friends this morning! Everyone was so receptive to having healthier Halloween treats.  We ran out of “boo-nanas” which means almost every child ate one, and they also went through three boxes of strawberries and almost two full bags of grapes!  At one point, Will walked by me eating a plate of carrot sticks and red grapes he’d selected for himself. One mom told Greg that it

Healthy Halloween Party Snacks!

Greg and I are hosting Will’s school Halloween party tomorrow morning!  I’m the class parent for Will’s class, and got to work with the other class parent to organize crafts, plan food, and then we’re actually hosting the event at our house.  Just over 70 people are coming!  That’ll be fine, right? It actually WILL be fine, because the other class parent used Sign Up Genius to ask people to contribute all of the craft

Home from Paris!

Too jet lagged to write much, but had an amazing trip filled with biking, a gorgeous run along the Seine and by the Eiffel Tower, and my fair share of champagne So lucky to have left my boys and escaped for a few days while they had a blast and were well cared for by my parents! Greg and I loved every minute

Halloween Awesomeness: The Teal Pumpkin Project

  Halloween approaches!  I love Halloween because it’s a chance to be creative with costumes and decorations, and a chance to get to know your neighbors better as people open their doors to trick-or-treators. But for some, Halloween is a scary holiday for real.  Millions of people (an estimated 15 million in the United States) have food allergies, and some of them are deadly.  For children trick-or-treating with food allergies, there are a lot of

Mizuno Running Shoes Now Vegan!

  Great news for my fellow runners – Mizuno running shoes are now vegan!  They used to use animal adhesives, which required boiling down animal hides or connective tissues (depending on the glue type) to use in the glue.  After watching Vegucated, I realized how much animals suffer and how unnecessary that suffering is.  We don’t need to use animal products in glues, there are lots of alternatives.  Brooks running shoes have been vegan for

Recipe: The Best Breakfast Sandwich I’ve Ever Had

You don’t have to be vegan to know that grabbing a bacon egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin every morning on your way to work is a BAD idea. Finding a healthy but satisfying breakfast sandwich was a bit of a challenge. I like hummus and tomato on an english muffin sprinkled with fresh dill, but that wasn’t high enough in calories or protein for Greg.  We needed something that had enough protein

Running the kids to school

I ran Andrew to school this morning to get a few miles in, and it was a great start to the day. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine running instead of in the car – suddenly my commute was an enjoyable and purposeful part of my day. I’m hoping to do this more often – I have hesitated to do it because Will and Andrew have drop off at the same

Run Long, Travel Strong!

I’m excited because for the first time, EVER, I’m going to spend a weekend in a beautiful city as a running tourist! Greg is going on a business trip, and on his way back he connects through Paris where I’m meeting him for a few days, no kids. (YIKES!)  We’ve been together once before, our last vacation as a couple before I became pregnant with Will.  I loved it.  It was beautiful.  Heaven for someone

The First Run After A Big Race

I love the first run after any big race, because there’s no pressure.  You’ve run your big event.  There’s no pressure to go fast, or far, you’re just there to ease back into your running routine.  You can go wherever you like, as fast or slow as you like, as long or short as you like. It’s beautiful, and it helps me remember what I love about running. You might wonder why, if I enjoy