Thug Kitchen Cookbook – Healthy & Delicious

My sister bought me the Thug Kitchen Cookbook!  It’s by the authors of the wildly popular Thug Kitchen blog, and filled with delicious plant-based recipes.  Their approach is whole foods oriented, with lots of fresh produce leading to recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious. A word of caution: as you might expect from a cookbook with the slogan “eat like you give a f*ck”, there’s a [more than healthy] dose of profanity on

Are we sure it’s not Monday?

My New Natalie Therėse Handbag

  I have a new purse!  Several months ago, I decided to take my leather coach bags that I’d had for several years and sell them through a local consignment shop.  The best part is finding plant-based replacements, like this gorgeous eco-friendly bag handmade from sustainable cork.  I met Natalie Therése at a local artisan show, and fell in love with the soft feel of the cork.  I wanted a silver clasp instead of the gold

Glimpses of my week

I got my shoe stuck in a bike at my cycling studio

So… I got my shoe stuck in a bike at Spynergy cycling studio before Thanksgiving and actually had to abandon it there. Yeah. How it happened: The SPG clip on the bottom of my shoe had gotten loose, and I was having trouble getting them to click into place at the beginning of class.  (This is my least favorite part of cycling, actually, trying to get the shoes to click in, feeling like everyone’s watching me

What I think about the Degree Women’s #domore ads.

Degree for Women (@DegreeWomen) has a whole line of advertisements out for their antiperspirants that show women doing ballet, yoga, running, and other active workouts.  They use the hashtag #domore to promote ads of women in sleeveless tops, sweat free, stretching, weight lifting, etc. Their advertising targets active women with gems like: “When every muscle is moving, you need protection that works as hard as you. #DOMORE” “You release tension, motionsense releases bursts of freshness with

Yoga kid

Andrew, my two year old, still naps every day at 1:30.  Will does not.  I used to spend this time cajoling him to sit quietly by himself and look at books or color, activities which at his young age seemed to require my intervention every 2 minutes, making it frustrating to even clean up from lunch. It’s much more relaxing (for both of us) to go up to the gym together and put on a yoga video.  He’ll

My New Go-To Post Workout Smoothie

I read an article in Women’s Running recently that stressed the importance of getting enough protein after a long or intense workout in order to promote muscle recovery.  If I’m eating a meal soon after I worked out, I don’t worry about it, because there’s usually enough protein there to give my body what it needs.  But sometimes I’m rushing into the shower, then off to preschool pick-up, then home to start making lunch, and

Who’s the fastest kid on the block? Just ask Strava!

Greg recently found out about a cool website called Strava. It’s a website that allows you to upload your running (or cycling) data from Garmin, Suunto, Timex, Tomtom or Soleus, and see where you stack up against other runners in your area. Runners create “segments” from their uploaded data, such as a certain 3 mile loop or a specific hill climb. Strava automatically looks for all the people who have completed that segment as part

Found a great yoga video at my library!

I’ve recently gotten back into exercise videos.  They’re a convenient way to add variety.  Will and Andrew both like to try to do the movements with me, so they’re a great option for when I’m home with one of the boys, need a workout, but it’s too cold or icy for the jogging stroller. I’ve been using T-25 for quick, intense, targeted workouts, and have added a yoga video to my repertoire for stretching.  Rather