Swim – Tackling the Breathing

Is your body saying no… or your brain? I had a moment getting into the pool where my mind was singing me a little song about how ridiculous this was because I ran 9 miles yesterday and I should not be expected to do more than a few laps of freestyle and then some nice easy backstroke. But I figured out it was my mind talking to me, not my body. My body was fine. […]

Race… videos?

All right, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but I just received an e-mail from the Maine Coastal Shipyard Half Marathon letting me know that they’re thrilled to be including FREE race videos! Stationed around timing mats, they’ll capture a video of our running at various points in the race and we’ll get a free compilation. “We think runners will like sharing videos of themselves as much as they like sharing photos.” -e-mail from […]

Never Try Anything New on Race Day

I was at a Bike Clinic for Tri for a Cure this weekend, and they reminded all of us of a golden rule of racing; don’t try anything on race day you haven’t used during training. You don’t want to find out at mile 9 that the cute tank you bought just for race day chafes. You definitely don’t want to discover that your GI system and GU packets don’t get along. See this awesome […]

Dear Elderly Pedestrian

Dear Elderly Pedestrian, Thank you, for diving out of my way. I know I am supposed to yield to you. I wanted to yield. I am not a bad, malicious or even negligent person. I inconvenience myself to do the right thing all the time. To a fault, sometimes. But I saw that oncoming car. I saw it obliviously hogging the road, close to the yellow line. I heard the car coming up behind me. […]

Salvaging a Blah Run With Some Speed Work

I had a pretty blah start to my run yesterday. I was running slower than my half marathon pace and my legs felt like mud. After slogging along for a mile and a half, I decided that running steady miles wasn’t really working for me, so I threw in some repeats and started to do 400 meters hard, 400 meters easy. There were a few attempted repeats that I had to cut short thanks to […]