Struggling with whether to run the Chilly Half Marathon

I’ve decided not to run the Chilly Half Marathon this November. I’ve made this decision about five times. It’s the right decision. I haven’t run further than 7 miles since May. MAY. (The kids dropped out of summer camp, I got a chest cold and spent two weeks on an inhaler, my babysitter started field hockey… life happens, and this time, I didn’t figure out a way around it) The Chilly Half Marathon is in […]

Biking errands

I had a busy morning between 9 and 12: two school drop offs, making soup and homemade bread, last minute birthday errands for Will’s birthday tomorrow, and off to get blue curacao for our “red, white and blue” drinks theme for tonight’s debate watching. (Obviously.) I managed to get it done AND fit in a bike ride because I rode my bike to pick up the blue curacao. It felt a little weird to ride my […]

How mindfulness is going to keep me from losing my mind

I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. I can’t stop thinking about the election, and social media doesn’t help. Not only is it everywhere, but I don’t want to mute it; I want to keep my eyes open. Do my part. Speak up. I don’t want to wish I’d done more. Watch this. This is what I’m thinking about, most of the day, every day. But it’s not healthy. I’m distracted at dinner. Moody. Distant. I […]

New running shoes! Cloud by ON Running

I LOVE these new shoes. They’re lightweight, vegan (I check using vegan8’s list of running shoes) and they are so comfortable. Cushioned without feeling heavy. They earn their name; I was impressed. I found them the old fashioned way; I went into Marathon Sports and got fitted for running shoes. I’d been fitted a few years ago, and then just started purchasing similar shoes online. I decided (ok Greg recommended) that it was time to […]