Tri For a Cure Complete!

I swam. I biked. I ran. It rained. (A lot.) I smiled. (A lot.) If I had to summarize my triathlon strategy, it would go like this: Swim: Watch where you’re going! Bike: Hammer down! Run: Just don’t stop. As expected, I was pretty slow on the swim. (The point was to make it, and I did!) What was unexpected was that I’m comparatively a better cyclist than I am a runner! My bike time was 181 overall, […]

Tri For A Cure is Tomorrow!

Tri for a Cure is tomorrow! I have had a lot of fun becoming a swimmer and a cycler… And I’ve also been incredibly moved by how much people will reach out and help. From my neighbor who took me out on my bike for the first time to every person who donated and sent me messages of support, it’s amazing the community that participated in getting me to that start line tomorrow. So many […]

Recipe: Cranberry ginger lime refresher (and a Tri update)

First, a recipe. Tri For a Cure is on Sunday, and I woke up Monday with the slightest sore throat. I coughed. Twice. I then FREAKED OUT. Because there is no way I want to do my first ocean tri, the event I’ve been training 5 months for, with a chest cold. So I started to self-medicate with all the nutrition tricks under the sun. To an insane degree. And I mean insane in the […]

Run Lessons from my First Triathlon

It’s not going to feel normal. If you’re going into triathlons from running, you’re going to assume that the ending will be fun – that you’ll spring off the bike and fly. Because after all, you’re a runner. This will be the easy part. The grande finale. But… no. You’re going to get off that bike, and you’re going to feel like your legs are made of jello. You will start running and it won’t feel like […]

I think I bought the wrong bike

It kind of kills me to write this, because I bought a really nice bike.  Ultegra gears. FSA compact crank. Carbon frame. Cervelo P2, classic triathlon bike, black and red. It’s sleek, smooth and fast. …and it’s designed to be ridden in aero position. If you’re not into road biking, aero position means you’re leaning forward on your elbows, forearms horizontal, hands on the middle bars. it’s a crouched position, and it’s extremely forward heavy, meaning […]