Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day; that you hug someone you love and focus on being aware of the beauty of that moment.  That you pause to truly enjoy that first bite of sweet potato, or chocolate pie, savoring the details of the experience as it hits your tongue. Mmmmm, pie. Maine Bound!      We are in Maine to be with family, and so happy to be up here! Yesterday Andrew and

Holidays Are Stressful: Show Yourself Some Compassion

Tomorrow is a day of gratitude Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude… but it’s also a day where many of us feel stress and pressure. There’s a temptation to focus on gratitude as a means of overcoming stress. I think that path can lead us to feeling guilty, and actually interfere with our ability to feel grateful. I would urge you to first show yourself some compassion, which will help alleviate your stress and improve your ability

Adding one TRX move at a time

Why I Love TRX – A Single Step Modifies the Difficulty of Almost Any Exercise My favorite thing about the TRX* is that I can easily modify any exercise so it requires the right amount of effort, by using the distance of my feet from the strap to change my body angle. Sharper angle = more difficult. I used to get frustrated by push-ups because they were hard on my wrists, and I could do so

An Immune Boosting Smoothie & My Recent Running

My weekend I had a fabulous weekend! I went to a local artisan marketplace and shopped with friends, had a lazy pajama coloring session with the family, made lots of delicious meals from scratch, and got a nice workout in. Workout I didn’t feel like running Sunday, so I started with a nice 10 minute indoor cycling session to warm up. Then, to split up the running, I decided to do 800 meter repeats on

Ginger Peach Smoothie Recipe

My obsession with ginger I have a recent obsession with ginger. After successfully using it to tread headaches based on a video by Dr. Greger of nutritionfacts.org, I started keeping candied ginger in the house at all times. It’s spicy, it’s delicious, it eases tension headaches, calms stomachs, and is anti-inflammatory (which can reduce recovery time between workouts). It’s great in smoothies Ginger is also great in smoothies; it adds a nice element of flavor and

Looking back

I took this photo in November of 2013, two years ago. Looking through the photos I uploaded to the blog that November, so little has changed. There are photos of Will and Andrew enjoying the outdoors. Photos of me running the Chilly Half Marathon. And a great photo compiling running advice I received after doing a reader poll: It’s odd to be in such a similar place two years later. Same race. Same struggle to

Views from a November Run

  Had a lovely run this morning! Went out for 5, got lost on the college campus, ended up running 6.8. Awesome! (I mean that, actually.) It feels SO GOOD to run that first “long” run after a half marathon. Every time I run a half marathon, part of me is secretly afraid I will never run further than a 3 mile run ever again. After all, it’s getting cold out there, and with no

Should You Hit the Snooze Button?

I wake up to the pitter patter of little feet rather than an alarm in the morning, so I don’t think much about the “snooze” button. But that doesn’t mean I’m not snoozing. Instead of hitting a button on my alarm clock, I’m choosing to roll over instead of get out of bed when Greg’s alarm goes off. I’m telling my 5 year old I’ll be “right down” and then falling back asleep while he

My Post-Race Running

  Last Sunday was the Chilly Half Marathon, and I’ve been happily easing back into running after a brief recovery. Here’s what my week looked like: Sunday: Race Day – 13.1 Miles Monday: rested Tuesday: 10 minutes of TRX and 25 minute recovery ride on the stationary bike  Wednesday: rested Thursday: 5 minutes TRX, 10 minutes on stationary bike to warm up, 2.6 mile run Friday: rested Saturday: 5 minutes TRX, 5 minutes on stationary

“Look for the Helpers”