Dream vacation in Dana Point

Greg and I are on vacation in Dana Point! He’s here for a conference and I joined him for a 3 days together in sunny California before it started. We’ve been running, biking and swimming together and I’ve taken a yoga class and eaten avocado on everything.  The more vacations I go on since becoming active, the more I realize what a gift it is to enjoy being outside and spend our days hiking and […]

A beautiful video and great Instagram account to follow

Abby Glassenberg just shared a beautiful video story she found about a grandfather who draws every day for his grandchildren and posts the pictures and stories on Instagram. It’s beautiful and uplifting. A great reminder to find ways to connect with the people we love, and of the power of the internet to bring us together… not just distract and divide us. I’ve followed Drawings For My Grandchildren on Instagram for a daily reminder to […]

Swim drill video

Did more swimming today. I counted up the hash marks on my “No Days Off” calendar from Tracksmith, and I’ve actually done more swim workouts than runs this year! This makes sense when you remember that I went from never having done the crawl or backstroke to completing my first two open water sprint triathlons this summer. Serious time investment was needed to make sure I could even compete safely! I’m very optimistic about the […]

Thanksgiving prep! Here’s our Menu

Working on Thanksgiving food prep today! Here’s our menu: For appetizers and drinks at a friend’s house we are bringing: Olive tapenade stuffed cherry tomatoes Cucumber slices topped with white bean dip and pomegranate seeds Red wine For our Thanksgiving: Field Roast Celebration Roast Mashed potatoes Mushroom gravy (from the Oh She Glows cookbook) Green Bean Casserole from Isa Chandra Stuffing Steamed Carrots Cranberry Sauce Chocolate Hazelnut Torte from the Oh She Glows cookbook, similar […]

4th Chilly Half Marathon Complete!

I had a great Chilly Half Marathon on Sunday. Tony and I decided to run together again this year (you can read about our first Chilly half together here). Neither of us expected a PR from the season, so Tony suggested we ditch the GPS watches and just enjoy ourselves. So we did. We had no idea how fast or slow we were running, we just ran it based on how we felt. And it […]