Greg’s Running the 2014 Boston Marathon! (eek!)

Last year, Greg ran the 2013 Boston Marathon.  He finished before the blasts went off, hearing the explosions from the Boston apartment where he was gathered with coworkers who ran.  They assumed it was a cannon blast to announce the finish of someone special.  I wish they’d been right.  (You can read my post 2013 Boston Marathon blog post here.) Some of his coworkers didn’t finish, last year.  If he’d gone back to see one of

Why I’m Not Into Decorating Real Eggs for Easter

Animal welfare isn’t a light, happy, optimistic or fun topic… which is usually where I try to focus my blogging.  I know that what we eat is personal, and I’d rather share my success stories as a recent vegan than criticize what anyone else is eating.  After all, I used to eat and enjoy it, too. That being said, Easter is on Sunday, and for many people, it’s a celebration of life.  That’s why it

Oh She Glows Cookbook and Thrive Energy Cookbook Reviews

  I joked on twitter the other day that I’ve been buying cook books like they’re going to do my meal planning for me… which of course hasn’t happened. That being said, I’ve found two cookbooks that are ABSOLUTELY worth investing in.  One is the “Oh She Glows” cookbook, by Angela Liddon, and the other is the “Thrive Energy Cookbook” by Brendan Brazier. These two cookbooks are amazing, because every recipe in them is comprised

Spring Training Suffers When Spring Comes Late!

My spring cleaning has benefited from the long, cold winter.  My spring training has NOT. I got sick. I got out of the habit.  I told myself running should be FUN and there’s nothing fun about running in 11 degree weather with 16 mile an hour winds.  I ran a little on the treadmill.  I waited for spring. I woke up to snow on the ground this morning – April 16th, and realized that I’d

Morning Workouts & Big Breakfasts Rock

In the week since we started trying to get up and do Focus T25 together in the morning before the kids get up, Greg and I have had a few days where circumstances or motivation (mine, not Greg’s) got in the way. The difference in my energy levels on those mornings is crazy… I’m more tired, I’m more frustrated, I feel like I’m starting the day out two steps behind and already failing. I’m starting

Saturday Run & Focus T25 Update

Went for a gorgeous Saturday morning run with six other moms in the local mother’s forum running group – it’s amazing how much I love it every time I go. We split into two pace groups and when my pace group turned back at 1.5 miles to do 3 total, I followed the other group to do the 4 mile loop, running 2.5 miles alone but getting to talk before and after the run and

Focus T25 – yup, I’m trying a workout video

That’s right… “workout video”.  I’ve never been great about doing consistent strength or cross training, and when I started taking a local barre class I realized how much I enjoyed diversifying my fitness routine. So when Greg brought up the possibility of getting up early in the mornings and workout out together, we worked through the idea together and landed on Focus T25.  It’s a DVD set of workouts that takes 25 minutes a day

Ran to Hell (Grand Cayman) and Back!

We spent last week in Grand Cayman, soaking up the bright sun and gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Besides being an amazingly gorgeous island with great weather, amazing beaches and good snorkeling, it’s a great island for running, too.  I braved the heat and humidity for a (slow!) seven mile run, with a nice long break in the middle to send post-cards from Hell! One main road follows the coast for much of the

I Love You More Than Bacon: Why We’re Vegan & I Love It

Happy Valentine’s Day! In our kitchen window sits a little black sign with white lettering that reads “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BACON.” I bought the sign after Greg and I saw it in a little shop on Cape Cod.  At the time, there was very little I loved more than bacon.  I loved bacon so much I had started frying up two pieces of it each morning to eat with an egg and toast,

Happy Birthday Andrew!

My sweet Andrew is 2 years old today! I can hardly believe it

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