Meal Inspiration: what we’ve been eating

I post a lot of food photos on my personal Facebook page (you’ll see a lot via Twitter @iamrunningthis as well). I’m always amazed at the random comments I get from my aquaitances about things I had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  When I stop doing it for a while, I’ll actually have people say they’ve missed the inspiration! I love posting these photos, because they sometimes help a friend answer that nagging “what’s for

Moving Forward After a Failed Workout

I had a failed track workout yesterday.  I’d had a couple solid weeks, but perhaps ramped up my mileage a little quickly.  My legs were sore going into it, and I’d already taken a day off because of quad pain (that started after I pushed the double stroller up a crazy steep hill walking home from somewhere). Whatever the reason, this workout wasn’t going well.  I was supposed to do 4 x 800 meter repeats

Cambridge Robot Race and Human 5K – Race Recap & Photos

We had a fun morning at the inaugural Cambridge Robot Race and Human 5K! There was a kid’s fun run, a human 5k, and a robot race with multiple robot heats competing to travel around a cone and return with a paper cup of confetti. Kid’s Fun Run: Andrew decided to run, even though he was probably the youngest participant.  Greg and I reminded him that the goal of any race is just to finish: and

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I grew up with Christian traditions, and I have fond memories of celebrating Spring and the renewal of life after a long, cold, winter. Some of our traditions have evolved; we no longer dye real eggs and we’ll be having a Field Celebration Roast for lunch instead of ham.  I love these changes – they feel like they’re more consistent with celebrating life, Spring, peace, and hope. We had an Easter hunt for vegan jelly beans, the boys

Trying to change your habits? Check out this must read!

On April 1st, I had the pleasure of seeing Gretchen Rubin, well known blogger and happiness author, speak in Wellesley as part of her book tour for her new book about habits, “Better Than Before; Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives.” I’ve been devouring the book since then, and am impressed by the brilliance with which Gretchen Rubin tackles the problems surrounding habit formation.   This book helps people analyze their own temperaments and

First Track Repeats of Spring & My Next Race Goal

I got out for my first track repeats of spring!  I’ve done a couple interval workouts on the treadmill this winter, but there’s nothing like making it down to the track and doing laps. My goal: I’m currently training for the Wonder Run 5k on May 17th.  I’d love to run it at sub 9 minute pace.  It’s a hilly course with a fair number of turns, so it’s not a fast course.  I ran my

Big News – I’m going back to school!

Just sent this e-mail to my family – and thought I’d share it with all of you, too! ———————————————————————————— Dear family, I have exciting news – I’m going back to school!  Well, actually, I’m not GOING anywhere!  I’ve enrolled in an online certification program that allows me to do the coursework from home. I’m going to become certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell, an online learning subsidiary of Cornell University: This six week course is

Why I’ve Renamed Today Mother’s Day – Appreciating Love When It’s Offered 

Mother’s Day.  Birthdays.  Valentine’s Day.  If any of these holidays has ever felt anti-climactic, you’re not alone.  There’s so much pressure on our loved ones to make us feel special on these days, to somehow cram their love and appreciation for us into finding a perfect card, present, flower arrangement, or brunch reservation, and then walking on eggshells and treating us like royalty for the entire day. I feel a similar pressure and panic level

PSA regarding ab workouts

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