Blizzard! There’s over a foot of snow outside and more falling.  Greg is working from home, and there’s a travel ban keeping other non-essential employees home, too.  Even the grocery stores are closed – luckily everyone knew it was coming, so I suspect people’s fridges and pantries are stocked, and we’re all better off staying home. We’ve been enjoying the cozy feel of being snowed in with a pumpkin pancake breakfast and plenty of hot coffee.

Which of these 6 is sabotaging your healthy eating?

The necessary puzzle pieces for healthy eating – figuring out which ones you’re missing will help you troubleshoot your challenges. Here are six necessary components for your healthy eating to be successful.  Figuring out which areas challenge you the most will help you strategize ways to stick to healthy eating habits for good. Knowledge What does “healthy eating” look like?  Are you sure what you’re eating is healthy?  Do you know how to prepare food from

Holidays Are Over: Time to Build Your Running Base Back Up

Winter is always tough on my running.  Icy conditions.  Treadmill blues.  Colds. Sick kids.  Holiday over-scheduling.  Winter break.  It’s brutal.  In order to run, I need to be healthy and have the time.  Late November and all of December are pretty brutal on my running.  I usually end up with a cold sometime during those months, and if either of my children gets sick, there goes my running time during their preschool hours.  In November,

Oh She Glows Cookbook Review from Michelle

Michelle was one of the recipients of the Oh She Glows cookbook from my Christmas Day give away.  Michelle started reading this blog back in 2013 when I was training for my first half marathon – why?  Because she was training for her first half marathon at the same time.  Get this – it was the SAME RACE!  We both ran the Diva’s Half Marathon in DC’s Wine country with similar finishing times.  Michelle finished four

How To Keep a Preschooler Happy in the Grocery Store

Put your kids in charge of their own grocery list next time you go to the store! I made my four year old, Will, his own list by doing a quick google image search for food items I knew he could easily identify, and copying them into a word document with two columns.  I wrote the number of each item next to it, so he could carry the list and be in charge of what items were

7 Running Websites You Should Know About

                      There are some great running-related websites out there.  Here are some of my favorites! – This website lets you find your race results and view them all together.  It’s also the best place to look up a friend’s race results when you can’t remember the specific event.  Bam, suddenly you’re the friend who remembers exactly which race they ran last weekend.  You can even look

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr., Day is one of the most important holidays of the year.  Unlike Columbus Day, a New England holiday which fills history lovers with rage, Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrates one of the greatest heroes in history. The news is filled with terrorist acts, school shootings, hostage situations.  Boko Haram, ISIS, al Qaeda. Today is a day to celebrate a man who faced horrible, centuries long injustice with non-violence.  He showed

Oatmeal: a healthier choice than boxed breakfast cereals

  Inspiration: We recently watched Fed Up, a documentary about food choices in the United States, and it was a good reminder that I need to stay focused on feeding my children whole foods.  The lack of fiber in many of the processed cereals I had in the house (even though they were vegan and low in added sugar) meant that the cereals were getting turned into energy too quickly to keep my children full for

Fed Up – The documentary everyone should be watching

Last night Greg and I watched Fed Up, Katie Couric’s 2014 Documentary about food.  If you have children, you should watch this documentary. If you live in the United States, you should watch this documentary.  If you eat food, you should watch this documentary. If you know someone who has trouble losing weight, you should watch this documentary. Everyone should watch this documentary. Here’s the official trailer:   Seeing this documentary made me even more

Kate’s Review of an Oh She Glows Recipe from my Cookbook Giveaway!

I received my second Oh She Glows recipe review from my Christmas Cookbook giveaway!  Thanks to Kate who blogs over at Mama Needs a Run for her willingness to try a new recipe Enjoy the cookbook, and here’s to a healthy 2015! Here are her photos and comments below! —————————————- Morning Kelly! I hope you are staying warm. I have already had enough of this cold winter weather. I could really go for spring! Last night