Kale & Cilantro Mexican Rice, created for Aloha’s “Healthy Dish to Pass” Project

Gathering with family and friends for a delicious meal is one of the best parts of the holiday season.  With the season of large dinners in mind, Hannah from Aloha recently contacted me to see if I’d be willing to participate in their efforts to gather some healthy pot-luck dinners for their readers.  I hesitated at first, because I don’t develop a lot of my own recipes, and because I’m a just-for-fun blogger who usually

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with people you love and food you love eating! Remember to relax and enjoy the day – have a slice of pie, enjoy your meal, it’s not a day to count calories in and calories out, it’s a feast and celebration!  You’ll get back to your healthy habits easier if you don’t feel deprived, and you’ll enjoy that pie more if you’re not calculating the number of miles

5 Thanksgiving Survival Tips

I love Thanksgiving.  Family coming together around a table filled with amazing things to eat, lingering over dessert and coffee, the anticipation of leftovers.  It’s an amazing holiday. It can also be a bit stressful, and leave you feeling not so great.  Here are some strategies for avoiding some of the mistakes I’ve made in previous years, so you can get the most enjoyment from your Thanksgiving! 1. Make ahead.  If you’ll be cooking, figure

10 Little Things I’m Thankful For

I like to spend the few days before Thanksgiving thinking about the little things I’m grateful for, and the things I’m looking forward to eating.  There are a lot of big things I’m thankful for, too.  In the wake of Ferguson, I’m especially grateful that I don’t worry about my children’s safety when they leave the house.  Ebola reminds me how privileged we are to live in a country with exceptional healthcare.  I’m grateful for

Winter Running Goals

The moment I’ve been looking forward to is here!  I’ve made it through my 5th half marathon, and now there’s less pressure to run long or run frequently.  Now, I really run for me.  I was running for myself before, too, but running for a race is different than running for fitness and pleasure.  Now I can run a bare minimum without feeling guilty, or skip a spin class I don’t have time for without

Non-material Holiday Gift Ideas!

I love Christmas.  I love seeing family, listening to Christmas music, the warm scent of vanilla wafting through the house when we make Christmas cookies, the soft glow of lights on the tree. But lately I’ve started to dread Christmas. After we had children, Greg and I started to become more and more interested in learning about health and the environment.  We want Will and Andrew to live healthy, amazing lives, and we want to

Organizing Day!

Organized our craft supplies this morning. Lazy Sunday, pajamas, coffee, perfect time to pull everything out and sort through it all. Andrew is an exceptional tester of markers, and Will loves having things organized so I can find him specific supplies. Tackling a craft or toy area is great before the holidays because you can let relatives know what your kids have too much of, and what might be missing . We have more colored

More Healthy School Lunches

I’ve fallen into a pattern with my school lunches for Will.  I pack him a fruit, a vegetable, a protein (usually hummus, sun-butter or beans, since we don’t eat meat or dairy) and a carb or starch. It’s not as creative and exciting as I hoped my school lunches for him would be, but it gives him options, keeps him full, is easy to prepare (wash the raspberries, put them in a container!) and is pretty healthy.

Repost: My Most Popular Blog Post of All Time

A year ago today, I wrote a blog post in response to a Wall Street Journal article.  I wanted to make sure that any of my readers who chanced upon the article didn’t take the author’s negativity to heart.  Little did I know that my post would become a top google search response and have several thousand hits per hour the afternoon that I wrote it.  It was even translated into French and quoted by Slate.fr. My blog

When to Squash Your Race Regrets

Here’s how I feel after a race: Immediately: intense relief that I am no longer running Thirty minutes to two hours after: relief, cramping, stiffness, thirst, hunger, nausea, soreness from chafing, satisfaction, triumph. Two to ten hours later: pride, optimism, satisfaction, jubilation. The next day: Regret that I didn’t run faster. That’s right.  Regret.  It kicks in the day after just about every race I’ve ever run, and here’s what I have to say to myself: