Plastic Free July – Skip The Single Use Plastic & Opt For Gorgeous Reusables

It’s nearing the end of July, but it’s not too late to jump on board the Plastic Free July challenge! You can eliminate your reliance on single use plastics by investing in some gorgeous reusable options (but shop your kitchen drawers for ones you already own, first!). Sustainable Wellesley just shared an article about how much plastic there is in the world, and how recycling isn’t going to be an effective enough solution: But do […]

Running after a hiatus

I went for a run again today. It’s slow going after all the time off because of my plantar fascia issues. I remember what it felt like to run a half marathon at 10 minute miles. It’s mentally surprising to find myself struggling to keep a 3 mile run under 12 minute pace. So I don’t look at my watch. I remember that my experience and effort can be the same, even if my results […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Farro

I recently made this farro salad from Vegan for Everybody by America’s Test Kitchen. It was amazing. The light and vibrant flavors of lemon and dill complemented the filling farro and white beans, while a hint of whole grain mustard and chopped kalamata olives made it a salad I couldn’t get enough of. I modified it to be oil free by adding additional lemon juice and whole grain mustard to compensate, and it was incredible. […]

Sea Trash

  This is my mom pulling a piece of plastic out of the ocean (which seals sometimes mistake for jellyfish) and placing it in her “sea trash bucket.” My mom loves to walk on the beach and sea glass, and she brings her bucket with her and fills it with trash as she goes. The seaglass goes in her pockets. Today my sons helped her fill an entire bucket on our morning walk together. My […]

Active Release Technique for Plantar Fasciitis

Please note – this is a description of my own experiences and is not intended to be medical advice! Please talk to your doctor so you can get the best medical advice and treatment plan for you. I have good news and bad news about my plantar fasciitis. Bad news: it’s the primary reason that I’ve decided to drop out of Tri For A Cure this year. My family lost one of my grandfathers to […]