Are you tying your shoes the right way?

    I’m a big fan of ways you can improve your running that aren’t actually running.  There’s only so much time to run in a week, right? For example… are you tying your shoes the right way?  I watched this 3 minute TED talk a year ago, and discovered that, like many people, I was NOT tying my shoes the right way. One little difference in how I formed the bow completely solved the

Why Track Repeats Are Great For Beginners

This summer I fell in love with track repeats. I’d done intervals before on the road, running faster for a quarter or half a mile, and then recovering. But it’s not the track. Nothing’s like the track. It’s a spiritual feeling when you walk onto the track. Every time I’m there, I remember the laps I’ve run before. It’s as if all the time in between track repeats fades away, and all that exists, all

Steel Cut Oats and Track Repeats

Made steel cut oats for breakfast! We usually have rolled oats, which cook slightly faster and have the texture I grew up with. Steel cut oats have a different shape, and they take longer to cook and to digest. Because of their shape and fiber, they take longer for your body to digest so aren’t as readily converted into sugar. A slower release of sugar into the blood stream provides more constant energy. They’re both

Negative Splits & Why They’re Awesome

I’d been running over a year before I knew what negative splits are, and in my 2+ years of running I’ve only managed them during ONE race. Negative splits are when later miles in a run are faster than earlier miles. It could mean holding steady at a comfortable pace and then increasing it towards the end, it could be a progression run where you run each mile 10 seconds faster than the last. If

Happy Birthday To ME!

“dun nun nun nun nuh nuh nuh nuh…. duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh… You Say it’s your BIRTHDAY… it’s MY BIRTHDAY TOO YEAH!” -Birthday, The Beatles, White Album It’s my birthday!  I’m 31.  Anyone with access to can figure that out pretty quickly… and honestly, I’m not upset by my age.  I LOVE IT, because I am more awesome than I was last year, and less worried about aging, because I

A year ago today I ran my first half marathon!

Today I’m going for a long run in training for my fourth. My Brooks Pure Cadence 2s are now Brooks Pure Cadence 3s, and I’m fueled by plants, but the feel and emotions of the long run remain the same. So glad I’m here

Recipes for Two Healthy Delicious Dinners!

  Spaghetti Squash with Kale Walnut Sauce – serves 2   Health Benefits: This meal is a great way to get some greens in your diet without having to chow down on a salad for dinner.  (I have a moderate to intense dislike of salads, and much prefer my greens in smoothies, sauteed with garlic or lemon, or made into a pesto style sauce.)  We probably all realize that kale is good for you, and spaghetti

Don’t Buy Running Shoes For The Color

Yeah. I did that. I bought a pair of Brooks Pure Connects in a super fast, fun color that I loved even though I kind of knew they’d have too much arch interference (they call it support) based on reviews. Back they go. I’ll get a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence instead – similarly light weight, lower arch… Not as exciting a color. But I had a pair of Pure Cadence that I ran my

Being a Mother Runner Means Sometimes You Don’t Run

I haven’t posted much this week, because I kind of quit running.  (I do this somewhat regularly, only to take it up again a couple days later.)  I had two insanely great runs last week, a 5 mile run and then a 4 mile run the next day, both averaging sub 10 minute pace.  Thanks to how running karma works, that means I’d had two steps forward and was due a step back.  Sunday was

Andrew’s First Day of Preschool

I did not run today. I did not write about running, I did not THINK about running. Today, my youngest had his first day of preschool, and not only did I not do any of those things, I also did NOT cry. (Neither did he.) Happy back to school!