My Only Long Term Running Goal: Keep Running

After the Maine Half Marathon, Greg and I were talking to a woman who had run the half marathon at 7:45 pace and was about to hop on her bike and ride back through the course to see how her son was doing at the marathon. She’s 50, came in 66th woman overall, placed in her age category, and was hopping on a bike to go check on her son. Do I think this will

Choosing Not to Run the Maine Half Marathon: My Silver Lining

Mair was right. I found a silver lining to Sunday’s race… even though I didn’t run. It’s hard to reverse a decision. I had decided to run, I was all in, I had accepted that it wouldn’t be a PR, I was ok with just running the 13.1 miles at whatever pace I could manage to prep my legs for the Chilly Half Marathon in November. So I was pretty upset when it became clear in the

Too sick to run – DNS

Too sick to run, after being awake severs hours coughing and with sinus pain I had to be reasonable and suffer the disappointment of letting this race go. It hurts to quit, but I suspect it’d hurt more long run to push through this when I need to rest instead. Heading to spectate – Greg still plans to run. (He’s not feeling great but not quite as poorly as I am.) Yesterday I was better,

Maine Half Tomorrow – Dedicated Miles

   I have a cold. I ran this half marathon with a cold last year, too. It’s that time of year; the kids are bringing home school germs, I’m tired from back to school and two September birthdays in the family. Succumbing to one of the many cold viruses floating around seems inevitable the first week of October. (This is usually followed by six weeks of perfect health and another crash just in time for

Feel strongly about something? Call your legislator.

My First Political Phone Call: I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but yesterday was the first time I ever made a political phone call. I’ve written to legislators, and even created a campaign encouraging others to send their extra holiday cards to legislators asking them to prioritize gun control legislation after a school shooting in 2012. My mom has called legislators; I even have a good model for doing so. But I was always too nervous

Tesla Party for Climate XChange!

This past weekend, Greg and I went to a Tesla themed party. The event was a fundraiser for the MA non-profit Climate Xchange, whose goal is to support carbon pricing and a clean energy future. Tesla owners drove from as far away as Canada, lining the closed down street with Teslas in every color, including our very own beloved Model S. How we got invited: Greg found out about the event when one of the organizers,

5k Recap, Will is 5 and more!

Babson Runs for Rett: The 5k on Saturday went well! It was very powerful to see the group of runners and supporters gathered together to raise money for Rett Syndrome. The race organizer, Matt, gave a moving speech about how girls with Rett’s Syndrome understand a great deal more than they’re able to communicate, and that we [strangers] shouldn’t be afraid to say hello or point out something beautiful we see as we would to another

I’m so excited for this 5k today!

Excited, nervous, excited. I’m excited because I haven’t raced a 5k since January (running one sick in May doesn’t count), and I’ve been training hard so there’s a chance it’ll be a PR. Nervous, because there’s a chance because I’m training so hard and didn’t taper for this 5k that it WON’T be even close to a PR.  Which is fine, but it’d be really neat if it were. I’m not that frustrated by the

Babson Runs for Rett 5k Tomorrow!

My family is running a race tomorrow! It’ll be my first race since May, when I “ran” a 5k with bronchitis. Babson Runs for Rett is a local 5k with some proceeds benefiting the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. The event is in conjunction with Babson’s alumni weekend, but is open to the public and very welcoming of additional runners from anywhere to raise money for the Rett Syndrome Foundation to benefit research. A friend of a friend and

Exhausted, Discouraged and Defeated – And That’s OK.

 I’m having a tough time with running right now. I’m running more miles per week than ever before (25-30) and trying to run my shorter runs faster. Every time I run, I run on tired legs. Every time I push the pace, it feels like I’m slogging through mud. I’m exhausted from the amount of running combined with a busy fall schedule. Preschool phase in last week had me picking up and dropping off the kids