Do your long-term goal pass the “then what?” test? Here’s why they should:

I’m currently reading The Joy Diet by Martha Beck. It’s unexpectedly hilarious.  Here’s a favorite quote describing her experience in yoga class: “Soothing sitar music plays as she demonstrates, one leg wrapped around her neck, the other folded into her armpit, her head (as far as I can tell) resting gently on the floor beside her buttocks. She looks like the very serene victim of a terrible crime. I could no more assume that position

Watch Out for The Finish Line: Why it could derail your running

I just finished reading Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin.  It was such an enjoyable read (I love self improvement) and packed with common sense analysis about why certain strategies for habit formation work better than others, and better for some people than others. The Motivation Strategy to Watch Out For: The Finish Line. As Gretchen Rubin explains in her book, whether we sign up for a race,

Thoughts on running pace

For a long time, whenever I talked to other runners, I felt this urge to insert my pace into the conversation so they would know how “slow” I run before deciding whether or not to continue to converse with me as an equal.  It was an odd symptom of insecurity, a legacy from my early months of running, when I felt fraudulent and embarrassed to even be caught in my running gear. I’m trying to stop doing

Running Update – Don’t Run While Sick

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I do… because I haven’t been running.  I came down with a persistent cough in April, and have now been sick for over a month.  I felt a little better, and was only taking cough syrup at night, and not during the day also, so I decided to participate in a favorite local 5k on Sunday. It took me 36 minutes to run the 3.1 miles.  My last

Hibiscus Iced Tea Recipe: Antioxidant Bliss!

Ahhh, summer. It may not be here on the calendar, but it’s a sunny 84 degrees today and I’m sitting outside in the shade with an ice cold beverage, warm enough not to seek out the sunshine. After a brutally cold, long winter, nothing feels better than to be perfectly warm outside in a t-shirt and shorts, even when the breeze picks up or the sun hides behind a passing cloud. Total warmth. It’s bliss.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Thinking of Running Your First Marathon? Ask Yourself These Questions First

A fellow half-marathoner and blog reader recently e-mailed me to ask the big question: do I ever think I’ll step up to the full 26.2? My brilliant answer: maybe… definitely NOT soon. If you’ve achieved half marathon status and are thinking of doubling that distance, here are some questions to ask yourself, first.  They’ve helped me decide to table the marathon question until a later point in my life, when I don’t have two preschoolers

Meal Inspiration: what we’ve been eating

I post a lot of food photos on my personal Facebook page (you’ll see a lot via Twitter @iamrunningthis as well). I’m always amazed at the random comments I get from my aquaitances about things I had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  When I stop doing it for a while, I’ll actually have people say they’ve missed the inspiration! I love posting these photos, because they sometimes help a friend answer that nagging “what’s for

Moving Forward After a Failed Workout

I had a failed track workout yesterday.  I’d had a couple solid weeks, but perhaps ramped up my mileage a little quickly.  My legs were sore going into it, and I’d already taken a day off because of quad pain (that started after I pushed the double stroller up a crazy steep hill walking home from somewhere). Whatever the reason, this workout wasn’t going well.  I was supposed to do 4 x 800 meter repeats

Cambridge Robot Race and Human 5K – Race Recap & Photos

We had a fun morning at the inaugural Cambridge Robot Race and Human 5K! There was a kid’s fun run, a human 5k, and a robot race with multiple robot heats competing to travel around a cone and return with a paper cup of confetti. Kid’s Fun Run: Andrew decided to run, even though he was probably the youngest participant.  Greg and I reminded him that the goal of any race is just to finish: and