The world is our playground

Greg bought a road bike a few weeks ago (what can I say, I’m so inspiring), and then suggested we go for a bike ride together to celebrate our anniversary. To make it fun, he suggested we bike from Portland, ME to Freeport, ME and have lunch at an outdoor cafe and then head back. It was 34 miles round trip, and it was amazing. We kept the pace pretty easy since it was the […]

Beach running

My best attempt to capture the disorienting magic that is downward dog on the beach. I gave beach running another shot this morning. I remember doing it on vacation once in Grand Cayman… and it was a hot mess. I ran too close to the waves trying to find a hard flat surface and my shoes and socks got soaked, it was uneven running, the sand was too soft… I actually threw out my shoes […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Starts With How You Wake Up; A Quick Tip

Want to sleep better? It may help to get outside first thing in the morning. Your ability to fall asleep at night and sleep well is linked to your circadian rhythm, which is hormonally triggered by light. Getting at least some exposure to outside light between 6:30 and 8 a.m. may be particularly helpful in getting your body to fully wake up in the morning, which allows it to produce and use its daytime hormone […]

What’s next after Tri For A Cure

Life is smooth sailing after Tri For a Cure. (I had to.) My parents bought a beautiful vintage 22 foot O’Day sailboat and taking her out in Casco Bay is such a pleasure. I’ve been spending time in Maine with family and just enjoying the beautiful phase after a race where you have all this added athletic ability but a reprieve in pressure to train. I wake up in the morning and look at our […]

Tri For a Cure Complete!

I swam. I biked. I ran. It rained. (A lot.) I smiled. (A lot.) If I had to summarize my triathlon strategy, it would go like this: Swim: Watch where you’re going! Bike: Hammer down! Run: Just don’t stop. As expected, I was pretty slow on the swim. (The point was to make it, and I did!) What was unexpected was that I’m comparatively a better cyclist than I am a runner! My bike time was 181 overall, […]