Apparently I’m a Spectator Sport at the Pool

After my swim lesson today, a gentleman getting into the pool stopped me to say that he “thinks I’m really making progress!” He said he’s even told a couple adults he knows about my swim instructor because she’s so good with kids and grown ups. I had a nice conversation with him (he used to do biathlons, swimming and running, and wishes me the best of luck on my tri this summer) and then headed to […]

Beware False Dichotomies

I’m doing a yoga book club right now and we’re reading The Joy Diet by Martha Beck (which I highly recommend). Yesterday we talked about false dichotomies. A false dichotomy is a choice between two things when in reality, you may not need to choose, or there may be additional alternatives. Sometimes we get stuck in our thinking and force ourselves to choose between two things that we want, when if we thought more creatively […]

How to Push Just a Little Further

The hardest part when I did Couch to 5k in 2012 was getting through the first 20 minute stretch of running without stopping. I had to attempt it multiple times, and finally made it through when Greg ran next to me with the jogging stroller. The thought of quitting in front of him and both my children was enough to finally overcome the hurdle. The funny part about my previous attempts was that I remember not giving […]

Is blogging worth my time?

This morning I read a post titled “Dear Mommy Blogger” by Josi Denise that’s going viral in the blogging community. It’s, um, critical of the blogging experience. The social media frenzy, writing fake upbeat reviews of products online, spending money on blogging conferences, commenting on other people’s blogs without even really reading them for the link-back, all of it. It’s a long post, with a lot of good points. And it had me re-evaluating my […]

Reflections on the Half

Crossed “finish half marathon I hadn’t properly trained for” off my running bucket list. Again. I think I’m proud of myself? I’m not sure whether it’s more admirable to know when you shouldn’t start, or to be willing to walk or crawl across the finish if you have to because darn it, you said you were going to do this. I’d signed up for it long before I got a number in the Tri For […]