My Summer Gym Freeze is Almost Over and I Am SO EXCITED

I got an e-mail this morning that my gym freeze is almost over. Did I say gym? I meant club. Club with the scent of Eucalptus, a never-ending menu of different classes, and an immaculately clean steam room. Club where I can find solitude after a busy family weekend, or community when the kids are in school and Greg is traveling. Club with fluffy white towels, Kohls shampoo and conditioner, and my cheerful, thoughtful swim […]

Seals, Seaglass and Treasure – a Gorgeous Maine Sail

Ahhh, Maine. Ahhh, summer. Now that it’s August I’m reminded that summer will be over before we know it. Time to seize the moment, review the summer bucket list, get out there and make some final memories in the fleeting days before school begins! We almost didn’t go on this sailing trip. My parents had tasks around the house and laundry piling up. We had the same, and a busy weekend planned besides. But the […]

Wanderlust – is hiking next for us?

While Greg and I were in Amsterdam we stumbled upon Mendo, a self-described “candy store for book aficionados”. Travel books, home decorating books, photography books… it was a curated visual wonderland that we could have browsed for hours. We grudgingly picked just one to bring home as a coffee table book. Eschewing the home decorating books that inspire envy or to-do lists, and the photography books that often contained a few nudes, we landed on […]

Grabbed a morning bike ride

This morning I woke up before Greg and the kids (thank you, jet lag!) so I sneaked out for a beautiful morning bike ride. The cat tried to alert everyone of my departure, but I made it out the door before anyone awakened and was rewarded with some gorgeous views. In summer, the key to my workouts is opportunity, not consistency. The week the boys were in summer camp, I biked over 60 miles. I’m […]


We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Amsterdam, a city I’d never visited but now love for its never-ending bike lanes and vegan friendly restaurants. For four glorious days, we traveled only on foot or by bicycle. Getting in the taxi to leave for the airport felt stifling after pedaling everywhere. I didn’t “work out” on vacation, but we walked for miles, biked for more, and I felt energized just from being my own mode […]