PSA regarding ab workouts

Run Today

Montessori inspired family room makeover

Our Inspiration: Remember how I got all excited about reorganizing the bookshelf to have forward facing books, making it easier for the boys to see and select books they were excited to read?  Well… it was awesome.  And the more I appreciated what a little change like that did for the boys, the more excited and inspired I became to re-evaluate our living space and make it a more Montessori inspired environment.  (Read more about

The secret to doing better at EVERYTHING

I’ve discovered the key to life, the universe and everything.  It is not 42.  It’s consistency. Looking at anyone more successful in an area of their life, I realize it’s because they have more consistency.  If I got up five mornings a week and did 20 minutes of ab work, I’d probably have a six pack too. The trouble is that we all have to prioritize what we’re consistent at.  There are only so many

First jogging stroller run of 2015!

We had a very warm day yesterday, almost 60 degrees out!  It melted so much snow, and made the sidewalks finally clear and passable throughout most of town.  I took advantage and ran to pick Will up at school! It was great getting outside.  Rather than driving and parking and dealing with getting Andrew in and out of the carseat, I got to run in the sunshine, and keep Andrew in the stroller while we

Some Montessori Activity Trays

We have a new kid size craft table coming today, and in anticipation I prepped some activity trays for the boys to do tomorrow!  It’s perfect timing, because Will’s preschool has professional days so he doesn’t have school the rest of the week. I have two beading trays with string and a bead already anchored, a puzzle, two molding clay trays with accessories, and a cutting activity and hole punching activity. If you look closely,

Getting your kids to eat healthier

Kids aren’t born liking broccoli. Fruits are easier, because they’re sweet, but getting our kids to eat more vegetables and fewer processed snack foods is a universal parenting struggle. Here are some strategies that have worked well for our family: Avoid saying “try it you’ll like it”: Because they probably won’t.   It takes kids as many as 20 times trying a new food to develop a taste for it.  (Google this phenomenon, you’ll get varying numbers.)  If

Cross country skiing – with the kids in sleds!

Had fun this weekend going cross country skiing for the first time since before the kids were born!  (I’d probably been twice in my life before that.) There’s a great set of trails in the next town over, and you can rent ski-sleds on harnesses that attach to your waist and pull your kids!  It was much easier than I expected, because the trails were in great condition and the sleds just glided along behind

5 Healthy Swaps You Can Make Today & A Little Montessori

All the little choices we make add up.  It’s been a long, cold, challenging winter here in Massachusetts, and I’ve noticed that when my schedule is crazy and my kids have cabin fever, I start taking short cuts that make things worse.  I’m tired, so I order greasy vegan pad-thai for take-out and then I feel even worse. On tough days, it helps to make choices that will bring us out of the cycle of being tired and

Aging Well – Why My Mom is my Hero

Think of the people you know who are a generation older than you are.  How have they aged?  How healthy are they?  How active are they? The older we get, the bigger the range of experience between the healthiest and the unhealthiest person.  Age compounds the choices we’ve made in our lives over time to be healthy… or not.  Yes, there’s genetics… but in the words of Dr. Colin Campbell, lifestyle and diet pull the