Track Repeats

Today was an interval day, and I’d been worried about how I was going to complete my intervals down here in MA where there’s so much traffic and so many hills.  How could I guarantee I wouldn’t stop at a light during my 800 meter repeat?  Or hit a huge incline and have to alter my workout? Oh wait… I know… pick me.  I COULD RUN ON THE TRACK. I guess that’s why they call

Why Every Parent Should Read “Little Changes” by Kristi Marsh

Running changed my life profoundly for the better, and helped me understand how profoundly our lives can change when we take a time-out to evaluate the way we’re living.  I like to regularly re-evaluate how life is going… are we stuck in our ways, leading unimaginative lives, not taking the time to look around us with fresh eyes at areas where we could improve our health, our environmental impact, our quality of life? It took

Run Often, Eat Well, Live NOW

When I started running, I was asking more of my body than I had before, and as a result I was more profoundly impacted by the nutrition of what I was eating.  It wasn’t long before I was eating healthier, getting interested in incorporating superfoods into my diet, and switching our family to a whole foods, plant-based diet. When you start making healthier changes in your life, by eating, and exercising, it changes the way

Don’t let anything slow you down ;)

My first spin class! Should you try one?

I went to my first spin class this morning, and I loved it. The room was dark, with mirrors in the front which helped me adjust my form on the bike, but didn’t show a lot of detail.  There was a mo-town theme for the ride and they had two video monitors playing performances from the Ed Sullivan show, with the instructor calling instructions out over the music using a headset with a microphone.  It

Cross Training, Here I Come! Hello Spynergy Cycling Studio

My right ankle has been bothering me after my runs recently.  It’ll be fine while I am running, and then start to bother me 4-6 hours later.  No swelling, just a dull ache that makes me nervous. It reminded me of the importance of cross training – if I get into cycling or rowing, two great forms of low-impact aerobic exercise that utilize different muscle groups than running, I’ll have something that I can do

I stink! No wait, I’m awesome!

I went for a run yesterday, ramping back up into my half marathon training plan after a few unscheduled interruptions (stomach bug, some over-use soreness in my right ankle from ramping up so quickly). I was feeling discouraged, because it was frustrating to start back out there on the road after a few missed workouts.  I’d been so zealous about my training while I was up in Maine.  My family came and watched the boys, I did

That Moment…

First successful tempo run!

I ran my first successful tempo run this morning! Tempo runs are mentally challenging for me because unlike interval runs, where I push hard then stop, or long runs, where I run a long time but at an easy pace, I have to combine the hardest parts of both and maintain a slightly uncomfortable effort without any break. My training plan had me running a mile easy, 3 miles at 9:34 pace, and another mile

A Great Interval Run

Had a great interval run this morning! I’ve discovered that I do better when I eat before my morning runs, so I woke up in time to have two slices of toast an hour before I started running. Too much by conventional wisdom, but when I get hungry on a run I feel so defeated! My mother in law watched the boys this morning – I love that they have this time with their Nana

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