Friday – some favorites!

It’s FRIDAY!  I’ve been having a hard time watching Greg go to work.  I really like him and I want him to stay home and hang out with me.  So Friday is a good day Besides Greg, here are some of my other Friday favorites, just some things this week that I’m loving. Running Playlist Song: We Own It.  “One shot, everything rides on tonight, even if I’ve got three strikes, I’m going to go for

Lighter Culture Review & Plant Powered Pad Thai Recipe

  The above photos are all food I’ve made using Lighter.  Tofu & Broccoli Tostadas, Spring Pea Soup, Plant Powered Pad Thai, Lower Fat Pesto, and Purple Cabbage & Edamame Salad. Confession: I’ve outsourced half of my meal planning and grocery shopping, and IT IS AMAZING.  I’ve been using Lighter Culture meal planning and grocery delivery service to supplement our weekly meals.  Before you read the details, see if Lighter is available where you live.


Half Marathon Training Update

New Shoes: First and most exciting, I have two new pairs of shoes!  A pair of Altras (zero drop, wide toe box, cushioned but barefoot-esque because of the zero drop) and a pair of Brooks Pure Flows.  I love new running shoes.  I was feeling a little more soreness in my other ones, and while it might have been the uptick in my mileage, I realized I have had them for over a year and run

Check out my guest post on Running Loving Living!

I wrote a guest post today for Running Loving Living sharing what I’ll miss about summer running. Pop on over to Toni’s blog and check it out!  Toni is another mother runner who ran her first marathon in 2014 and who is at an exciting place in her running journey. You can read my guest post on her site here: What I’ll Miss About Summer Running Thanks Toni!

Using to learn WordPress, Google Analytics, etc.

You wouldn’t believe the things my husband can do in Microsoft Excel.  Watching him is addictive; I have no idea what combination of keystrokes he’s pressing but suddenly everything is auto summing and columns are where I want them, and it’s just… magical.  He never even has to reach for the mouse.  He can do things in Excel I had no idea were possible, and he has redefined my understanding of the program and what


What the H#$* am I doing?

Last night I was pulling the foam roller out from under the bed thinking about what a bad @$$ I am because I’m running hard enough to need to foam roll (need… as in, it actually changes how I feel afterwards).  This thought about how awesome I am was interrupted by another thought: What the H#$* am I doing?!?!! I’m 31, I am busy raising two small kids, I didn’t start running until age 28, and

Classic cyclist and pedestrian sign in London

No one wants to hit a cyclist – here are some tips for safer driving

That time I almost doored a cyclist: I had just parked next to Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge.  I opened the door to step out and was immediately shocked from my daydream about pancakes by a cyclist whizzing around and by.  If they hadn’t zig-zagged, they would have slammed right into my open car door and suffered potentially serious injury.  We live further out in suburbia, and I don’t parallel park next to a bike lane often.  It

Fear Itself - FDR Memorial by Tim Evanson / CC 2.0

Is Fear of Failure Killing Your Runs?

Fear of “failure” on a run can kill your enthusiasm for getting out the door. Picture this: you’ve got your shoes laced up and you’re about to head outside.  These are some options for what you’re thinking.  As you read them, think about how they make you feel. I’m going to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  I might run down to the brook and back, we’ll see how I’m feeling.   I’ve got to

No_JunkMail_Valletta (1)

Go Green and Save Time! Tips to Stop Junk Mail

A few years ago, frustrated by the time it took me to sort through our mail, and the environmental impact, I went on a junk mail rampage.  We now receive only 1-2 pieces of mail a day, and maybe 1 or 2 a month that weren’t solicited.  It now takes me only a few minutes to take care of our mail each day.  I can easily find bills, pay them on the spot, and file


Track Repeats with the Kids

Kids at the track: Greg and I have been toying with the idea of bringing the kids to the track with us so we could run repeats without getting a babysitter.  This weekend we decided to do a test run; we both went to the track and brought the boys, but only I planned to run.  That way we could test out how happy and self-entertained they are at the track. Our goal is to eventually