2017 New Year’s Resolution Update

This post is part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every group fitness class offered at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill. See the full list of reviews here.

I’ve taken 46 classes.

Winter is coming.

The end of the year approaches.

So… what’s left?

The December class schedule hasn’t posted, but if class offerings remain the same as they were in November, I have yet to take Slow Flow Yoga and possibly Cardio Kick. The reason I say “possibly” is that Cardio Kick sounds exactly like what I experienced when I took Cardio Sculpt… a class where I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a kick-boxing class. Well, now the class offered the same day, time and instructor is now called “Cardio Kick”. So… is it a new class? Or not? Will it be offered in December? We’ll find out.

I’m also torn about taking True Barre again. The difference between True Barre and Barre is that True Barre is a prescribed formula designed by Equinox to provide a similar signature experience across their clubs, whereas Barre varies by instructor. I’ve signed up for and “taken” True Barre twice, but both times there were substitutes who taught Barre. So I’ve essentially taken two Barre classes and zero True Barre classes.

Splitting hairs?


But I like Barre and I have all of December to finish this New Year’s Goal, so I might as well take True Barre again.

What happens if December 25th’s schedule is all Tinsel Tabata, Let It (Yoga) Flow, and Wrap It Up?

Seasonal exclusions apply.

Seriously, though, my plan was to try everything, not beat myself up over some unique holiday offerings that happen while I’m visiting family in Maine. I missed some Thanksgiving specials in November, and Halloween HIIT in October, so if the goal was to never miss a single class offering, it wasn’t a great goal because even with a month left I can’t take those classes because they’re gone!

So I’ll take every regularly scheduled class and then on my well-earned Christmas vacation up in Maine I’ll raise a glass in honor of everyone doing Ho, Ho, HIIT back at Chestnut Hill!

Defining goals so they’re attainable makes sense. Staying in Massachusetts for every major holiday and taking four specialty classes in a row so I can say I didn’t miss anything does NOT make sense.

Besides… if I’d stayed in MA for Gratitude Yoga, I wouldn’t have beautiful memories from our trip to NY. And at the end of the day, happy memories are the real reason behind all of this. I work out to be my healthiest, happiest and best self so that I can be the parent I want to be and enjoy what life has to offer. I love my exercise endorphins, my quiet moments after a hard workout, the resiliency and patience I build.

Oh, and the muscles.

Because you never know when you’ll want to be strong enough to hold your five year old on your shoulders for an hour and a half of the Macy’s Day Parade, or be an impromptu chair for two in front of a museum exhibit.

So whatever your goals are, use them to strengthen you for what really matters, and define your goals in a way that doesn’t conflict with your bigger picture.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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