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We’re back from vacation!  I keep telling myself that I missed my cat and got tired of putting on sunscreen so it’s good to be home. And it is good to be home, it is. But for it to snow several inches on March 21st seems a bit spiteful, even for New England.

I realize now that with the excitement of packing and trip planning I forgot to really plan for after my return, and I have no babysitter or preschool today.  If I’d had a little foresight I could be getting ready for spin class right now.  It’s no big deal, and in fact, it’s somewhat nice to relax with the kids and no particular schedule for the day. But it does remind me how nice it is when I look at the calendar in advance and make sure to carve out the time I need to run, spin and swim.

Greg took the boys geo-caching yesterday so I could unpack and sort laundry, so our suitcases are all put away, the laundry is sorted, and the wet-suits are rinsed and hanging. I went grocery shopping and there’s food in the fridge. All in all, it’s a pretty calm return home as far as vacations go.

Beach reading: Ok, plane reading. I don’t actually read on the beach, because that would mean I’m not paddle-boarding, snorkeling, swimming or sand-castle building. But I do read on planes, especially now that the boys are old enough to watch a little in-flight television in between snacks. I am reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, and love it. It’s been a while since I found a fantasy series with interesting magic, compelling characters, and not so much violence or romance it became distasteful.

I’m on the second book in the series and while the violence is unfortunately ramping up, I still find myself too attached to the characters not to continue. Hopefully the plot will return to a little more intrigue and less violence as I continue.

I love fantasy, and grew up reading L. Frank Baum and Patricia C. Wrede. I was devastated when I outgrew books about magic and dragons for young adults. I have found some enjoyable, like Name of the Wind, though I admit that the length and number of characters made it hard to follow the sequel when it arrived. I no longer have the leisure time to re-read originals in preparation for the sequel.

What are you reading?

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