Best Arms Ever Class Review: Equinox Chestnut Hill

This post is part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every group fitness class offered at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill. See the full list of reviews here.

Today’s Class: Best Arms Ever with Richard Guptill

Class length: 15 minutes

Description from the Equinox: Sculpt eye-catching arms in 15 minutes flat with a trial of constant tension involving dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own willpower.

What Class Was Like

A fantastic 15 minute fix for those of us who know we should be strength training our arms, but aren’t sure what we should be doing. This quickie can be easily added onto another workout, which is great for when you’d rather not take a full-length strength training class.

This class used resistance paired with constant movement to strengthen arm muscles. The resistance bands were either around the wrists so that holding our arms apart was a large part of the workout, or using the longer resistance band so that extending to a full range of motion required strength. Very light dumbbells were used, but the idea seemed to be that more of the workout came from the resistance of the bands. Most exercises would go for about a minute and a half before switching to the next, and the entire sequence was done twice.

Equipment Used

  • mat
  • light weight dumbbells
  • resistance bands

Sample Exercises

  • dumbbell tricep extensions and rows with resistance bands around the wrists
  • opening of the arms with long resistance band wrapped around torso while lying down
  • overhead dumbbell extensions from a bridge position on the mat with resistance bands around the wrist
  • mobility exercises like shoulder cuff rotation and light stretching of fingers

Who would love it?

Anyone looking to add a beginner friendly arm workout onto their regular fitness routine. An experienced weight lifter might find the resistance band / dumbbell combination unsatisfying, but as someone who has neglected strength training all summer, I found it easy to get to the “just right” level of discomfort with the bands. Since it’s only a 15 minute class, anyone interested should try it and see if it works well for them. Even experienced strength trainers may benefit from mixing up their routine and adding mobility and shoulder work.

Know before you go

  • Class is in the barre studio, not the main studio
  • Shoes are optional but might be helpful for times when you step on the resistance band to create tension for arm extensions

And…. here’s a picture of the salad I had for lunch afterwards. Because it was delicious. And I’m trying to eat more leafy greens after a summer of eating, well, not so many leafy greens. (OK IT WAS FRENCH FRIES. I ATE FRENCH FRIES FOR SUMMER.)

And here’s a picture of my lunch date. He has been doing his hair “like Dad’s” for kindergarten (with Dad’s help) and today one of his best buddies came in with a cool hairstyle also. Does this mean my husband is trendsetting for kindergarten?! Be still my beating heart.



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