Is blogging worth my time?

This morning I read a post titled “Dear Mommy Blogger” by Josi Denise that’s going viral in the blogging community. It’s, um, critical of the blogging experience. The social media frenzy, writing fake upbeat reviews of products online, spending money on blogging conferences, commenting on other people’s blogs without even really reading them for the link-back, all of it. It’s a long post, with a lot of good points. And it had me re-evaluating my […]

My top 10 posts of all time

1. Dear Chad Stafko: Ok, we’re happy to be runners. Get over it. 2. Why I put a 13.1 bumper sticker on my car 3. What’s Next After C25K – Choosing Running Goals 4. Long Run Survival Guide – Don’t Make These Mistakes 5. Race Day Strategy for My First Half Marathon 6. 13.1 Bad Jokes For While You Run A Half Marathon 7. Half Marathon Recovery 8. Chilly Half Marathon Race Recap 9. My […]

Check out my guest post on Running Loving Living!

I wrote a guest post today for Running Loving Living sharing what I’ll miss about summer running. Pop on over to Toni’s blog and check it out!  Toni is another mother runner who ran her first marathon in 2014 and who is at an exciting place in her running journey. You can read my guest post on her site here: What I’ll Miss About Summer Running Thanks Toni!

Using to learn WordPress, Google Analytics, etc.

You wouldn’t believe the things my husband can do in Microsoft Excel.  Watching him is addictive; I have no idea what combination of keystrokes he’s pressing but suddenly everything is auto summing and columns are where I want them, and it’s just… magical.  He never even has to reach for the mouse.  He can do things in Excel I had no idea were possible, and he has redefined my understanding of the program and what […]

Dozens of Recipes from Williams-Sonoma Smoothie Week

In keeping with the initial purpose of this post, sharing the amazing smoothies bloggers have created for Williams-Sonoma “Not Your Typical Smoothie Week”, which ran from the last week of October through the third week in January, I’ve rearranged this post to share the smoothies first. The background story and updates are in chronological order below them. The Smoothies! Black Bean and Blueberry Smoothie Maria, Red Velvet Cake in a Glass (V w/o jello) Le, […]