Biked the Rail Trail near Lebanon, NH – A Perfect Birthday Gift from Greg!

For my birthday Greg researched different bike trails and routes in New England and presented me a packet of options to choose from. He said, “I thought about getting you earrings, but I figured maybe you’d rather bike together.” Yes, I would. (No judgment on anyone who would prefer earrings, I absolutely love earrings, I just already have some.) I chose to rent hybrid bikes and do the Rail Trail in Lebanon, NH. Some other […]

How You Can Help Puerto Rico and Other Hurricane Victims

This photo is from our first trip to St. Martin. We had just gotten engaged and I’d never been to the Caribbean (or anywhere like it) before. That building is no longer there. More importantly, most of the people we met on that island no longer have homes or workplaces. Access to food and water and electricity? I don’t know. I’ve also been reading about Puerto Rico in the news. I wonder how much we […]

What I Will Do When The Boys Are Both in School

Both kids will be in elementary school this fall. People have asked me what I will do with all this free time. I will tell you. There shall be elaborate dinner parties at my house at least once a month, including wine pairings. Clutter will be annihilated by 5:30 p.m. every day so we can have a luxurious homemade evening meal as a family, occasionally candle-lit. Lunches will be planned out a week in advance […]

My Summer Gym Freeze is Almost Over and I Am SO EXCITED

I got an e-mail this morning that my gym freeze is almost over. Did I say gym? I meant club. Club with the scent of Eucalptus, a never-ending menu of different classes, and an immaculately clean steam room. Club where I can find solitude after a busy family weekend, or community when the kids are in school and Greg is traveling. Club with fluffy white towels, Kohls shampoo and conditioner, and my cheerful, thoughtful swim […]

Seals, Seaglass and Treasure – a Gorgeous Maine Sail

Ahhh, Maine. Ahhh, summer. Now that it’s August I’m reminded that summer will be over before we know it. Time to seize the moment, review the summer bucket list, get out there and make some final memories in the fleeting days before school begins! We almost didn’t go on this sailing trip. My parents had tasks around the house and laundry piling up. We had the same, and a busy weekend planned besides. But the […]