“What If” – Brainstorming Rules For Myself That Would Improve My Day

I would like to open this (you’ll see why) by saying that I know what’s for dinner. Yellow rice & black beans with broccoli and stuffed sweet potato with balsamic date glaze. BECAUSE – I just got my copy of The How Not to Die Cookbook in the mail, which made meal planning extra exciting. So. That’s settled. Now I’d like to do a little brainstorming. A few years ago, I saw Abby Glassenberg speak […]

Can you build your stress muscle?

Have stress in your life? I highly recommend reading the recent New York Times article How to Be Better at Stress. There were two key takeaways from the article: How negatively you perceive your stress has more impact on your health than the amount of stress you have. Practicing stress by putting yourself in challenging but enjoyable situations outside your comfort zone can actually change your biological response to stress.   This is great news for […]

Battling the Common Cold

I have a cold. I am coughing. It is hard to sleep. It would be inconsiderate to go to the gym. I am sad. I am handling this sadness the way I handle many of my problems in life, by spending so much time exhaustively researching solutions that the problem goes away on its own. I just finished reading Ah-CHOO! The Uncommon Life of Your Common Cold by Jennifer Ackerman. Written in 2010, it summarizes […]

Meal and snack ideas – what we actually eat!

So, I watched a funny video called A Modern Dating Horror Story which hit home a little about our social media use and inability to eat a meal without first photographing and posting it. But…. I love following fellow whole foods, plant-based focused eaters on social media because I love seeing what they’re eating, and I love getting meal planning inspiration from them! It makes my life better when someone posts a gorgeous lentil soup […]

Biked the Rail Trail near Lebanon, NH – A Perfect Birthday Gift from Greg!

For my birthday Greg researched different bike trails and routes in New England and presented me a packet of options to choose from. He said, “I thought about getting you earrings, but I figured maybe you’d rather bike together.” Yes, I would. (No judgment on anyone who would prefer earrings, I absolutely love earrings, I just already have some.) I chose to rent hybrid bikes and do the Rail Trail in Lebanon, NH. Some other […]