The Years are Short

There’s something magical about one-on-one outings with a child. With just the two of us, goal alignment is easy. We can see what he wants to see, lunch where he wants to lunch. There’s no negotiating between siblings about what to see next, how fast to walk, who gets to sit next to the window. We go at his pace. We see what he’d like to see, for as long as he’s interested. We pause […]

Reframing Your Missed Workout Excuses

I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym because I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy because my life is full of joy! My sister has found someone wonderful to spend her life with and is getting married so we went dress shopping. My husband is super intelligent and worth flying overseas so he went on a business trip while I parented solo. I’m privileged to be […]

How Mindfulness Can Help with Goal Slip-Ups

Mindfulness is the practice of being conscious or aware without judgment. When I get distracted by my thoughts during meditation I simply notice that my attention has wandered and bring my focus back to my breath. No judging, no being upset that my mind has wandered.  Minds wander! An important part of meditation is the noticing and the bringing of the attention back without judgment. Doing so builds our “mental muscle” that is capable of gently refocusing […]

How mindfulness is going to keep me from losing my mind

I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. I can’t stop thinking about the election, and social media doesn’t help. Not only is it everywhere, but I don’t want to mute it; I want to keep my eyes open. Do my part. Speak up. I don’t want to wish I’d done more. Watch this. This is what I’m thinking about, most of the day, every day. But it’s not healthy. I’m distracted at dinner. Moody. Distant. I […]

How Mindfulness Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Vacation

This  is my view right now, as I sit sipping coffee in the Cayman islands. I love vacation, and I’ve noticed that my mindfulness practice is helping me enjoy this one to the fullest. I’ve been keeping up with the Headspace app, which means that most days, I sit down for 10 minutes and meditate. The guided meditation has me practicing specific mental exercises. I focus and extend my awareness of sounds in the room. […]