I’m thinking of repeating Couch to 5k

One of my neighbors recently told me she was starting Couch to 5k again, and that she often does after a long break from running. What a brilliant idea. I’ve been swimming and taking a few classes at the gym (maybe you’ve heard) but not running much. I can still run 3 miles at my slowest half marathon pace without stopping, but what if Couch to 5k could be used not just to get me […]

4th Chilly Half Marathon Complete!

I had a great Chilly Half Marathon on Sunday. Tony and I decided to run together again this year (you can read about our first Chilly half together here). Neither of us expected a PR from the season, so Tony suggested we ditch the GPS watches and just enjoy ourselves. So we did. We had no idea how fast or slow we were running, we just ran it based on how we felt. And it […]

Picking up Chilly bibs this afternoon!

Had a great swim today – my last “workout” before the Chilly Half Marathon on Sunday! Picking up bibs this afternoon. Ever since Greg started running the Chilly Half Marathon in 2011, I’ve gone to pick up his bib and bibs for anyone at his work also running the race. The pick-up is 4-7 p.m. the next town over, and kind of tough to get to during working hours. So I go with the kids […]


Tapering for a race without a time goal is actually pretty relaxing. We were in a wedding this weekend, so it was a relief not to try and schedule in a long run. (I should have run an easy four or five… but… no time goal, no worries.) I walked over 2 miles on the beach Sunday morning instead of running, gifted with a 6:30 a.m. wake up that felt like 7:30 thanks to the […]

A little on the “J” word – Can we be nicer about jogging, please?

If you’d like to read some runner’s rants on the internet, search for “jogger”. Being called a jogger when you identify as a runner can sting. It implies a lack of effort, which is infuriating when you’ve been running so hard that your lungs and calves are on fire. It implies you’re slow, which is infuriating when you’ve worked hard for that PR. I get it. I even wrote a post in the early years […]