Have 10 Minutes For Your Health? Watch This Video on Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Foods To Eat

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Dr. Greger’s evidence-based approach to nutrition. We live in a time of catchy headlines that proclaim things like “Champagne boosts brain health” without: a) Demonstrating causation and not just correlation using a double-blinded study on human participants (ie, not rats drinking champagne) b) Taking into consideration the other health impacts of that food People love good news about foods they love to eat, myself included! But if […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Farro

I recently made this farro salad from Vegan for Everybody by America’s Test Kitchen. It was amazing. The light and vibrant flavors of lemon and dill complemented the filling farro and white beans, while a hint of whole grain mustard and chopped kalamata olives made it a salad I couldn’t get enough of. I modified it to be oil free by adding additional lemon juice and whole grain mustard to compensate, and it was incredible. […]

Are we really getting 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day?

I recently watched a video on nutritionfacts.org about the percentage of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, defined for the study in question as 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week, not smoking, not overweight, and getting five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. It was 3%. I mentioned to Greg how glad I was that we were in that three percent, and he said “are you sure?” So we counted our servings for […]