Holiday appetizer ideas!

Olive tapenade stuffed cherry tomatoes, anyone? I love appetizers. LOVE. They’re such small individual commitments. You can have one of everything, experience tons of different flavors, and still have room for dinner. Here are some fun ideas: Olive, marinated artichoke and tomato platter Roasted nuts and dried fruit Cucumbers topped with white bean dip and herbs Crackers topped with kite hill almond cream cheese and red pepper jelly Hollowed out cucumbers filled with soba noodles […]

Lighter Makes Meal Planning Easy – And Right Now It’s Free For Everyone!

You may remember my review of Lighter, a meal planning service that provides healthy, delicious recipes and puts together a grocery list for you. They’ve expanded their platform, and as part of their restructure they asked me to provide some recipes and be featured on their website showing what real people eat! They’ve also paused grocery delivery in order to reach more customers, so you no longer need to live near a grocery delivery service to […]

Easy, fast, healthy lunch idea & some updates

This lunch took 10 minutes to make. Store-bought fat free organic polenta, jarred marinara sauce (Engine 2 makes an oil free, low sodium tomato basil sauce if you’re looking for a healthy option) and some freshly washed baby spinach and blueberries. I didn’t even use salad dressing; just combined it on the fork with polenta and sauce. It’s worth noting that if you give a four year old the option to use tongs, they’re much […]

Super Bowl Sunday Recipe Round-Up

Looking for some Superbowl Sunday recipes that you can snack on without feeling sick afterwards? Check out this delicious round-up of tried and true snack recipes from my favorite food bloggers. They’ll cover your cravings whether you’re looking for spicy, salty, creamy or crunchy… all without the cholesterol or heavy greasy feeling after you eat them. I call that a win! Roasted Sriracha Cauliflower Bites with Peanut Dipping Sauce from Thug Kitchen. These are shockingly […]

Green Light Banana Chia Bread Recipe 

I love quick breads. Cranberry orange loaves, zucchini bread, and ohhh… that pumpkin bread that my great-grandmother up in Camden used to make… it tasted like cake. So delicious. But… there’s a lot of sugar, fat and refined flour in many of these recipes. After reading Dr. Greger’s amazing new release, How Not to Die, I wanted to come up with a recipe for quick bread that I’d feel better about eating. One where the fat came from […]