When Are You Going to Work Out? Planning Ahead For Success

Whenever you choose a fitness goal, an important part of success is having a realistic plan for when you’re going to accomplish your training goals. Are you going to run in the morning? On your lunch break? After work? Have you cleared that time from other obligations you’d normally accomplish then? Do you need to arrange childcare or to prepare dinner ahead of time so it can go in the oven while you shower? When are […]

That Crooked, Crooked Path to Success

Today at the gym I was getting out of the pool and someone asked me if I was a triathlete, too. What I said: “Yeah!” What I was thinking: Sort of, I mean I did a couple sprint triathlons in 2016 including that great time when I was last out of the water, but I dropped out of my tri this summer, and I can barely run 3 miles right now and I’m actually only […]

Two Sure Fire Ways To Rock It At The Gym

1. Get in there and focus on your effort and not your results. Work hard, feel great, don’t over-analyze. 2. Keep your germs home if you’re sick and clean up after yourself in the locker room. I think these work really well together to provide yourself the best overall gym experience, but if you have to pick one, the only correct answer is to rock number 2. And it’s easy to rock. You can still do […]

Don’t skip a bike ride because it’s not a run

On a recent morning in Maine I had about 45 minutes before we needed to head off somewhere as a family. It wasn’t really long enough for my typical bike routes, and I felt like I should go for a run because I haven’t really been running. I analyzed my feelings of guilt that I’d rather bike than run and waffled about going until there was no longer time to go. Don’t do that. If […]

I’ve been asked to speak at a wellness event!

I’ll announce details as the event approaches, but I’m excited to have been asked to give a 35 minute presentation at a wellness event! Here’s what one of the event organizers wrote when pitching the idea to me in an e-mail: I’m thrilled by her kind words and so excited to speak! Normally my public speaking is focused on food choices and the environment. I can’t wait for a chance to talk about fitness and motivation […]