My New Tri Gear

I got some new triathlon gear! I pre-ordered this limited edition No Meat Athlete tri outfit months ago and it just arrived.

When I ordered it back in May I was struggling with plantar fasciitis and my decision to drop out of Tri For a Cure based on my doctor’s recommendation.

That might seem like the worst time to order new triathlon gear, but it was actually the best. Hitting “submit” on that order form was a promise to myself that this wasn’t the end. There would be other races.

I knew it would arrive in September around the time of my birthday, and it seemed like the perfect gift to myself. (It was.)

I have my sights set on the Sebago Lake Triathlon in June 2018. I’ll finally get to test out my improved swim skills!

I even have my outfit all picked out.

Think these guys will come watch me race?

Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates! We spent our day off from school in the best place possible: outside. Will suggested we take this photo of all three of us using my camera timer. I’m glad we did ūüôā

A Beautiful, Beautiful Bike Ride

We’re making the most of the last full week of summer before school starts!

The boys are in sailing camp every day this week from 1-4 pm.

They’re sailing tiny little sailboats around the dock area and loving every second.

There’s not really enough time for me to go back home in between, so Monday I had lunch and watched the eclipse in Portland with Greg, Tuesday I went Freeport outlet shopping with my mom, and Wednesday I went for a gorgeous bike ride.

Two islands, 22 miles, and one shower at the yacht club when I got back. (Thanks guys, hope those aren’t members only. At least we’re patronizing sailing camp?)

Check out the views!

Makes me think about where I could bike at home in Massachusetts if I drove a short distance first.

Grabbed a morning bike ride

This morning I woke up before Greg and the kids (thank you, jet lag!) so I sneaked out for a beautiful morning bike ride. The cat tried to alert everyone of my departure, but I made it out the door before anyone awakened and was rewarded with some gorgeous views.


In summer, the key to my workouts is opportunity, not consistency.

The week the boys were in summer camp, I biked over 60 miles. I’m not training for anything. But I had the opportunity. So bike I did.



I respect the motto “consistency is everything”, but sometimes when you’re enjoying a summer with your family and not training for a specific event, opportunity is everything.  A stolen bike ride, a few downward facing dogs on the beach while the kids build sand castles, a random week spent pedaling at every opportunity because the kids are at camp.

Consistency would probably be better in terms of maintaining fitness, but the school year is around the corner and there will be plenty of time for consistency then.

I think I’m content crossing my fingers that hauling picnic baskets down to the beach and frolicking in the pool with the kids will keep me fit enough to grab the next opportunity for a bike, run or swim.

Besides. Winter is coming.

Tri For a Cure is Less Than 3 Months Away!


Three-month countdown

I woke up Sunday to an e-mail reminder that Tri for a Cure 2017 is only 3 months away!

Will I be ready to swim, bike and run?

So little time

In order to prepare I’m ramping up my running with the Couch to 5K running program 3 days a week. I am also trying to swim twice a week¬†and should start biking twice a week. Plus I like trying a new Equinox class once a week to incorporate strength training and make progress on my New Year’s Resolution.

A little math for me:

3 Run workouts

2 Swim workouts

2 Bike workouts

1 Strength Class


8 workouts a week.

How many days are there in a week again?

This is one reason triathletes often do “brick” workouts where they swim and then bike or bike and then run. It’s not just to help your muscles and mind get used to transitioning between activities, it’s because there simply¬†aren’t¬†enough days in the week to dedicate separate days for each sport.

When do I recover?

I’d like to add another day in for recovery. I think it’s healthy to have at least one day a week where I do nothing, preferably on the weekend so we have more family time.

Looks like there are going to be quite a few bricks in my future! Or quite a few missed workouts. Or both.

At least it’s a sprint!

The good news for me is that it’s a 1/3 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 3 mile run. I can do a bike-run combo in less time than a long run took for half marathon training. Those short distances make it easier to double up workouts and easier to successfully complete the triathlon if there are weeks where I neglect one sport.

I could also pause my New Year’s Resolution, but I think one class a week will actually help diversify my training by incorporating strength work that will help my overall fitness and reduce my chance of injury. So it’s hard to let go.

Want to support me?

Thank you for your kindness! Any amount you can donate to Tri For a Cure helps fight cancer in Maine.

Our family lost my grandfather to cancer in November. He was 81. We’re grateful for the decade he was a cancer survivor before that.

The treatment he received when he was first diagnosed with cancer gave him more time with his family. He saw me get married. He met my children. He took them for rides on his motor boat at the camp he loved so much. That decade mattered.

If you’d like to help more people have an extra decade with their families, you can donate to my Tri For a Cure fundraiser here:¬†


Yesterday’s swim workout


Warm up

100 yard swim

50 yards pull

50 yards kick


4 x 75 yards (25 kick, 25 tap front then back drill, 25 swim)


4 x 150 yard swim with timed recovery


8 x 50 yards pull with paddles, set focus each time, timed recovery

Cool down

50 yard swim easy

Had a great swim with my swim coach yesterday. Progress is gradual and slow but exciting. I’ve gone from a 50 yard warm up to a 100 yard warm up, and my longer swim efforts with timed recovery have gone from 50 yards to 100 yards to 150 yards yesterday for the first time. It’s still tough finishing that 150 yard effort but that’s 3 times the distance I used to do comfortably without a break. My overall yardage per swim session continues to increase.

I’m feeling optimistic about my goal to swim the entire 1/3 mile swim of Tri for a Cure in July (about 600 yards) without needing to resort to backstroke. I’m fine catching my breath and checking my trajectory with a couple seconds of breast stroke, but I’d like to swim the whole thing going forwards and not zig-zag like crazy on my back because I’m panicked and feel like I can’t breathe and can’t bear to have my face in the water. As amazing an accomplishment as that was, I’m all set with that and feel no desire to repeat it.

I love that I started this journey in 2012 with Couch to 5k and then continued on to half marathons. It gives me a deep rooted belief in our ability to gradually transform ourselves.

When you’ve gone from running only 30 seconds before stopping to running several hours without stopping, you know¬†you can achieve something that feels impossible when you start.

You can accomplish so much when you’re able to say to yourself¬†this feels impossible, and it’s going to take a long time, but I’m going to get better¬†and then just relax and tackle next step after next step, always accepting where you are.

I have until July. I’m going to get there.