A Beautiful, Beautiful Bike Ride

We’re making the most of the last full week of summer before school starts! The boys are in sailing camp every day this week from 1-4 pm. They’re sailing tiny little sailboats around the dock area and loving every second. There’s not really enough time for me to go back home in between, so Monday I had lunch and watched the eclipse in Portland with Greg, Tuesday I went Freeport outlet shopping with my mom, […]

Grabbed a morning bike ride

This morning I woke up before Greg and the kids (thank you, jet lag!) so I sneaked out for a beautiful morning bike ride. The cat tried to alert everyone of my departure, but I made it out the door before anyone awakened and was rewarded with some gorgeous views. In summer, the key to my workouts is opportunity, not consistency. The week the boys were in summer camp, I biked over 60 miles. I’m […]

Equinox Class Review: The Pursuit (Cycling)

This post is part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every group fitness class offered at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill. First of all… Anyone else having totally one of those days? Those 10 minutes late to drop off, checking into the gym 2 minutes before class when you’re a type A, forgetting a major piece of clothing when you planned to go straight to kindergarten volunteering from the gym kind […]

Biking errands

I had a busy morning between 9 and 12: two school drop offs, making soup and homemade bread, last minute birthday errands for Will’s birthday tomorrow, and off to get blue curacao for our “red, white and blue” drinks theme for tonight’s debate watching. (Obviously.) I managed to get it done AND fit in a bike ride because I rode my bike to pick up the blue curacao. It felt a little weird to ride my […]

I think I bought the wrong bike

It kind of kills me to write this, because I bought a really nice bike.  Ultegra gears. FSA compact crank. Carbon frame. Cervelo P2, classic triathlon bike, black and red. It’s sleek, smooth and fast. …and it’s designed to be ridden in aero position. If you’re not into road biking, aero position means you’re leaning forward on your elbows, forearms horizontal, hands on the middle bars. it’s a crouched position, and it’s extremely forward heavy, meaning […]