Swim, Blood Donation & Picking My First Class

Here’s a photo of me swimming yesterday. I’m at the point where the quick technique fixes and rapid improvements are diminishing, and now the progress I see is much more gradual. I’m struggling with keeping my kick consistent and not scissor kicking when I take a breath, keeping my arm stretched forward while I take a breath and not letting it dip or bend, and keeping my temple down in the water when I breathe […]

Tri For a Cure 2017 and New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve registered for Tri For a Cure 2017! I raised enough money last year to be guaranteed entry and knew even as I was completing the event last July that I wanted to do it one more time. Then I lost my grandfather to cancer in November. Now it feels more important and personal than ever. I have a photo of him on my fundraising page.  Your donations would be so appreciated. It’s going to be harder […]

Swim drill video

Did more swimming today. I counted up the hash marks on my “No Days Off” calendar from Tracksmith, and I’ve actually done more swim workouts than runs this year! This makes sense when you remember that I went from never having done the crawl or backstroke to completing my first two open water sprint triathlons this summer. Serious time investment was needed to make sure I could even compete safely! I’m very optimistic about the […]

Swim lesson Tuesday

This is a clip from a video my swim instructor took today. She usually takes a couple videos during each hour-long session, and I find it incredibly helpful to see how my swimming is progressing. It’s easy to see in different videos what I was focusing on, and when a skill we’ve been working on sets in a little and continues to be correct even when my focus is elsewhere. In this picture, I’m working […]

New gym swim swim swim

After spending the summer swimming in an immaculately gorgeous outdoor pool, I had trouble going back to my old gym, which wasn’t always… clean. So I joined Greg’s gym, which is a further drive, but spotless. I mean, spotless. It’s the ultimate luxury. From the quiet and peaceful pool to the gorgeous tiling and constantly cleaned showers. I think about the grapefruit scented bath products on non-gym days. They’re that good. (Yes, they sell them, […]