Yesterday’s swim workout

Warm up 100 yard swim 50 yards pull 50 yards kick Drill 4 x 75 yards (25 kick, 25 tap front then back drill, 25 swim) Swim  4 x 150 yard swim with timed recovery Drill 8 x 50 yards pull with paddles, set focus each time, timed recovery Cool down 50 yard swim easy Had a great swim with my swim coach yesterday. Progress is gradual and slow but exciting. I’ve gone from a 50 […]

Great Swim Today

Had a great swim today! Learned that my trainer has been purposefully increasing my yardage and that I swam 1200 yards this week during our session and 1250 last session. That’s over twice the length of Tri For a Cure! Obviously I can’t take breaks every 50 or 100 yards during the Tri, but knowing that I’m swimming twice the distance of my race when I go to the pool for an hour is a good […]

A Little Swim Break Through

After some initially panicked breathing in the water during the warm up, I settled in today and ended with a 100 yard time trial where I didn’t stop once. That’s the first time I’ve accomplished that distance without a break. And at the end of an hour swim session, too. I’m proud of that. I also did quite a few 50s today. It used to be that every 50 was me swimming reasonably well for the first […]

Swim, Blood Donation & Picking My First Class

Here’s a photo of me swimming yesterday. I’m at the point where the quick technique fixes and rapid improvements are diminishing, and now the progress I see is much more gradual. I’m struggling with keeping my kick consistent and not scissor kicking when I take a breath, keeping my arm stretched forward while I take a breath and not letting it dip or bend, and keeping my temple down in the water when I breathe […]

Tri For a Cure 2017 and New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve registered for Tri For a Cure 2017! I raised enough money last year to be guaranteed entry and knew even as I was completing the event last July that I wanted to do it one more time. Then I lost my grandfather to cancer in November. Now it feels more important and personal than ever. I have a photo of him on my fundraising page.  Your donations would be so appreciated. It’s going to be harder […]