Swim lesson Tuesday

This is a clip from a video my swim instructor took today. She usually takes a couple videos during each hour-long session, and I find it incredibly helpful to see how my swimming is progressing. It’s easy to see in different videos what I was focusing on, and when a skill we’ve been working on sets in a little and continues to be correct even when my focus is elsewhere. In this picture, I’m working […]

New gym swim swim swim

After spending the summer swimming in an immaculately gorgeous outdoor pool, I had trouble going back to my old gym, which wasn’t always… clean. So I joined Greg’s gym, which is a further drive, but spotless. I mean, spotless. It’s the ultimate luxury. From the quiet and peaceful pool to the gorgeous tiling and constantly cleaned showers. I think about the grapefruit scented bath products on non-gym days. They’re that good. (Yes, they sell them, […]

Swim Lessons From My First Triathlon

I learned so much from the Sebago Lake Triathlon (my first tri!) that I’m going to break it into three separate posts. (The trick will be remembering to re-read them all before my next triathlon!) First… the swim. The swim was the whole reason I wanted to do this triathlon. I needed a break through. It’s too easy in the pool to take a break every length; I have been swimming 3 times a week for […]

First open water swim!

I went for my first open water swim in my wet suit! We went to the local pond with another family to hang out over the weekend and enjoy the nice weather, and I decided it’d be the perfect chance to try out my wet suit in the open water. I envisioned me swimming way out, floating on my back to rest, really getting in some yardage and gaining some confidence in the water. What […]

Apparently I’m a Spectator Sport at the Pool

After my swim lesson today, a gentleman getting into the pool stopped me to say that he “thinks I’m really making progress!” He said he’s even told a couple adults he knows about my swim instructor because she’s so good with kids and grown ups. I had a nice conversation with him (he used to do biathlons, swimming and running, and wishes me the best of luck on my tri this summer) and then headed to […]