When You Really Might Fail on Race Day

Last year I started learning to swim in February and attempted my first two triathlons that summer. When I set out for those 1/3 mile open water swims, I expected to complete most of the course on my back. I’d only managed 75 continuous yards in the pool and was a serious beginner. Sure enough, during both races one kick in the face was enough for me to flip over and backstroke the entire race in […]

Couch to 5K Week 1

I’ve completed Week 1 of Couch to 5K again! Yes, it feels strange to go from a half marathon in a November to a walk/run program in April. But it also feels glorious. GLORIOUS, I tell you. The workouts are half an hour including warm up and cool down. There’s 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of recovery in the middle. My goal was to keep my running segments to my best 5k […]

Why Do People Put 0.0 Stickers on Their Cars?

  Runners aren’t the only hobbyists proudly display their passions on their cars, whether it’s politics, pet ownership or that they’d rather be sailing. But few have earned the wrath and counter-sticker culture of the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers. Why are some non-runners so eager to proclaim that they don’t run? I decided to find out. I went to Amazon and read over 200 product reviews for various 0.0 bumper stickers and car magnets. Then […]

Beach time

Thanks to everyone who commented, tweeted or e-mailed me about my plantar fasciitis. I’ve been following my doctor’s advice by wearing sneakers around the house and doing stretches and exercises 3 times a day for it. I’ve also done some additional reading based on suggestions I’ve received. The pain is less constant and I’m feeling really hopeful. The kids are on April break so we’re in Maine spending time with family and the ocean. Is there […]

I have plantar fasciitis

Went to the doctor this afternoon to get my arch pain looked into because it hasn’t gone away since it started bothering me during Damage Control (which didn’t cause the fasciitis, just revealed it). She diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis, with the only symptom inconsistent with plantar fasciitis being that it hurts more at the end of the day than at the beginning. I’m supposed to wear shoes and socks all the time, even around […]