Happy Halloween!

From our Rhyming Monsters and Wonder Woman, wishing you a wonderful Halloween if you celebrate! I hope you enjoy the good moments whether you’re opening your door to your community or out traipsing the neighborhood with your excited children! (Or at a giant Par-tay… or home with your lights off watching goofy Halloween flicks!)  

Biked in MA!

I hope you love my blurry photo of the yard full of ferns where I’ve seen deer before. It’s on the way to a quiet, winding road in Dover lined with woods and glimpses of the brook. I was signed up for Cycle Beats this morning, but when I woke to the perfect weather forecast I cancelled my reservation and grabbed my helmet instead. I cycle outdoors in Maine all the time, but getting through […]

Equinox Class Review: Lean Line – No Muscle Left Unburned

This post is part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every group fitness class offered at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill. See the full list of reviews here. Progress: 29 Classes Down, Approximately 14 To Go (class offerings sometimes change)    Lean Line is totally my style workout. The thing I love about barre classes is the way they isolate and work so many different muscles. I always feel a satisfying overall […]

A Beautiful, Beautiful Bike Ride

We’re making the most of the last full week of summer before school starts! The boys are in sailing camp every day this week from 1-4 pm. They’re sailing tiny little sailboats around the dock area and loving every second. There’s not really enough time for me to go back home in between, so Monday I had lunch and watched the eclipse in Portland with Greg, Tuesday I went Freeport outlet shopping with my mom, […]

Equinox added more classes!

I checked out next week’s class schedule at the gym! There are new classes! This might add to my 2017 resolution to take every class at my gym, but I think I got this. I had about 20 classes left, and the question will be whether some of those classes are no longer available or if these new offerings will be in addition. Either way, I’m pretty excited about Best Arms Ever, which seems to […]