Boston V Party – Vegan Food & Craft Beer Fest at SoWa

Had a great time today at the Boston V Party vegan food and craft beer festival held at SoWa in Boston. It was hosted by Taco Party, a vegan food truck and catering company that makes some pretty delicious tacos.  Sweet potato or sriracha bbq jackfuit taco, anyone? (I so want them to cater one of my birthday parties now – bucket list!) It was nice to be surrounded by delicious food and other vegans. Vendors included: FoMu ice […]

Veggie Burgers are for Everyone: Vegan Resources for Non-Vegans

This morning I’m working on a resource guide to give people after tonight’s screening of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret that I’ve organized through Sustainable Wellesley. One of my first messages to everyone is this: remember that every meal counts! Would I love to see a vegan world? Yes. But I’d also love to see someone start eating a veggie burger out to lunch once in while. It’s much more feasible that all Americans might eat […]

Are we really getting 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day?

I recently watched a video on about the percentage of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, defined for the study in question as 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week, not smoking, not overweight, and getting five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. It was 3%. I mentioned to Greg how glad I was that we were in that three percent, and he said “are you sure?” So we counted our servings for […]

Lighter Makes Meal Planning Easy – And Right Now It’s Free For Everyone!

You may remember my review of Lighter, a meal planning service that provides healthy, delicious recipes and puts together a grocery list for you. They’ve expanded their platform, and as part of their restructure they asked me to provide some recipes and be featured on their website showing what real people eat! They’ve also paused grocery delivery in order to reach more customers, so you no longer need to live near a grocery delivery service to […]

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

I remember when my oldest first started preschool lunch-bunch. He was going once a week, and I would prepare these elaborate, cute, pinterest-like lunches such as whole wheat pizza dough wrapped soy-dogs or mini-burritos. Yeah. It wasn’t sustainable, as you’re probably guessing. It only takes a few weeks of these gourmet lunches coming home only partially eaten to realize that it’s more efficient to make the special and exciting meals when your kid can eat […]