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Have a love/hate relationship with your New Year’s Resolutions?

I can help!

Download my free e-book designed to help you make great fitness goals for 2018 and meet them. I’ve taken the best advice from this blog and turning it into a downloadable workbook that will help you apply it to your own life.

In Form a Fitness Game Plan I walk you through forming a thoughtful goal, making time for fitness, and coming up with a plan for success.

The included worksheets will help you to create your own custom plan for fitness success in 2018.

This e-book is designed to help anyone, whether you’re hoping to get moving consistently for the first time or are interested in tackling a new race distance.

Informed by research in motivation and habit formation and inspired by my own experiences, this workbook will help you take the great advice out there and turn it into an actionable personalized strategy for success!

I hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

Like what you see? Come to my workshop on the same topic at the Wellesley Wellness Retreat on Saturday, January 28th! In my 35-minute afternoon workshop, I’ll walk you through this workbook, answer questions, and prove bonus tips influenced by the psychology of motivation and habit formation. 



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  1. Hello, Kelly!

    I am an amateur runner from Poland (please, forgive me if my English is not perfect, I am not a native English speaker). I run distances up to a marathon, I train regularly, well, so far I am still not converted to triathlon. 🙂

    Running is one of my passions and the other one is computer programming. Some time ago, being a little bit irritated by the mobile apps I was using to track my workouts I decided to start creating my own app for Android (no iOS version, sorry about that) to support runners in keeping the pace they wanted because I have always had problems with it. It is named Pace Control and is available on Google Play. When I have time I still develop it in my spare time. Recently I added a feature which I believe is something extraordinary. I have never seen anything like this in any other app or a sport watch. The functionality is named “remote race” and it makes it possible to run a race with real-time feedback against a friend who can be very far away. So for example if you want to compete with your friend from another city just for fun, no problem, you can do it.

    Your article is about goals for 2018… One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try to share the news about this functionality with other runners, so that they can use it as well. I tested it with many colleagues and they all agree that this is a lot of fun and you can feel the adrenaline in your blood when the race is in progress. 🙂 The app is totally free, I am a private individual, not a big company with marketing budgets, so I thought that maybe the way to spread the news through running blogs just like yours is the way to go. Would you be interested in trying running a remote race and write something about it on your blog? If you need an opponent, I can be one (if only time zones let us find a suitable time slot for a race).

    You can read more about how remote races work here:

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