Grabbed a morning bike ride

This morning I woke up before Greg and the kids (thank you, jet lag!) so I sneaked out for a beautiful morning bike ride. The cat tried to alert everyone of my departure, but I made it out the door before anyone awakened and was rewarded with some gorgeous views.


In summer, the key to my workouts is opportunity, not consistency.

The week the boys were in summer camp, I biked over 60 miles. I’m not training for anything. But I had the opportunity. So bike I did.



I respect the motto “consistency is everything”, but sometimes when you’re enjoying a summer with your family and not training for a specific event, opportunity is everything.  A stolen bike ride, a few downward facing dogs on the beach while the kids build sand castles, a random week spent pedaling at every opportunity because the kids are at camp.

Consistency would probably be better in terms of maintaining fitness, but the school year is around the corner and there will be plenty of time for consistency then.

I think I’m content crossing my fingers that hauling picnic baskets down to the beach and frolicking in the pool with the kids will keep me fit enough to grab the next opportunity for a bike, run or swim.

Besides. Winter is coming.


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