My Life is Full

I read an anecdote somewhere, ages ago, about someone who ran into an acquaintance at the gym. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, the person started talking about how busy they were and all the things they had to do that day and how crazy it all was.

The acquaintance smiled and said, “it sounds like your life is really full right now – that’s wonderful”. Or some such thing.

Lately, my life has been full, too.

If this story makes you want to indulge in a primal scream, maybe your life is too full and something needs to go. How can you take it a bit easier? What can you drop from your schedule or to-do list? How can you prepare for the weeks ahead so the “full” days feel full and not overwhelming?

I don’t have answers, but I like the idea of chasing the emotional state where a busy day can feel full and not busy.

(Or… maybe half full? I could be a cup half-full person 😉


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  1. Maybe it’s an optical illusion but the boys look like they are the same height! Ack! They are growing so fast!

    That’s good advice, just because we have a full day ahead of us doesn’t mean we have to be stressed and overwhelmed about it. I try to prioritize what must be done today and what can wait until the weekend.

    : )

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