This is where I’ll list all the links to recaps from my class experiences for my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every class at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill.

If I write about any new classes in 2018, I’ll add them here!

Class 52 – January 11th 2018, AnthemAn indoor cycling class where you cover your console and ignore your metrics because music and effort are all that matter.

Class 51 – January 9th 2018, The Muse: A lovely 30 minute cardio and conditioning class using 3 lb weighted spheres and ballet-inspired movements to improve your arm strength and range of motion while you work up a sweat.

Goal Completed. Read my end of the journey thoughts.

Class 50 – December 11th, Cardio KickShadow boxing sequences alternating with high-intensity cardio for a sweat-inducing workout.

Class 49 – December 9th, Heated Vinyasa YogaA vinyasa style yoga class with the studio heated between 80 and 90 degrees to help loosen muscles and encourage a theraputic sweat.

Class 48 – December 8th, Slow Flow YogaA yoga class that takes it a little slow so you can get the most out of your stretches and really align well and breathe into each pose. Gentle and slow means it’s a great class for beginners. Incorporated some mindfulness.

Class 47- December 4th, Ashtanga Style Vinyasa Yoga: Class began with an Ashtanga inspired warm-up of quickly moving through an Asana series to increase heart rate in order to slow down later for a more traditional vinyasa style class.

Class 46 – November 27th, Sweat and Surrender: A flowing yoga class with some flexibility poses mixed in and lots of sun salutations. Great for those familiar with basic yoga poses going in.

Class 45 – November 16th, DefinitionsA strength focused class with just a brief cardio warm-up and some post-class stretching. Great for working all those different muscle groups with weights.

Class 44 – November 15th, Restorative Flow YogaCalmness. Flexibility work. Breathing into long stretches. Some work and flowing sequences, but much gentler and more relaxing than a traditional Vinyasa class.

Class 43 – November 13th, BarreA standard barre class that isolated different muscles groups and used repetition and light weights to strengthen. Recap includes a comparison of all 6 types of Barre at Equinox.

Class 42 – November 9th, Boot CampA very challenging circuit class with one-minute efforts of strength and cardio and not much rest in between.

Class 41 – November 7th, Whipped!Strength and cardio circuit class with a similar feel to Tabata but fewer repeats at each station for a little more variety.

Class 40 – November 6th, Cycle BeatsA forty-five minute indoor cycling class that pairs music to your efforts to help motivate you for those intervals or slow you down for recovery segments.

Class 39 – November 4th, Barre EssentialsA slightly shorter version of a regular Barre class with more emphasis on explaining form and intent for the exercises. Class size is intentionally limited to a smaller group to facilitate questions and the instructor’s ability to help newcomers to the barre experience with their form so they’ll be ready to try a traditional Barre class.

Class 38 – November 3rd, Iron TabataA Tabata format class that used kettlebells and combined weights with intense cardio to keep the heart rate up.

Class 37 – November 1st, Metabolic MeltdownPyramid workout with 9 exercises done in progression building onto each set so that the first set was exercise 1, then 1 and 2, then 1, 2 and 3 up to the 9th full workout set. Strength work was the focus of 6 of 9 sets, cardio/strength combo for 3.

Class 36 – October 28th, Yoga Flow: A yoga class that began with a brief mindfulness practice and then moved into a smooth yoga practice with a combination of held poses and a flowing sequence that continued to build with each repetition.

Class 35 – October 19th, Charles River RowCircuit class with 4 stations (abs, weights, rowing and squat/lunge) done 4 times each for one minute, followed by an intense race of 300-meter row partner relay of (300 x Recover while partner rows) x 4.

Class 34 – October 17th, Tabata CircuitHigh intensity interval class with seven stations done for 8 repeats of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds recovery before a 60-second hydration and recovery between stations.

Class 33 – October 9th, Metcon 3: Hits that popular strength and cardio combination in a fast-paced format of 3 sets of 10 exercises done for 60 seconds each. Lots of dumbbell work.

Class 32 – October 5th, Precision RunningInterval training on the treadmill! An efficient running workout to build your cardio base and VO2 max.

Class 31 -October 2nd, Cardio SculptKick-boxing sequences alternating with light weight training.

Class 30 – September 26th, DANCE!: Follow along and pick up the dance patterns to upbeat music for a fun 45 minute cardio class.

Class 29 – September 21st, Lean LineA ballet-inspired barre class with light weights, a little cardio, a lot of pulsing, and no muscle left unburned.

Class 28 – September 20th, Aqua Strength: Very similar to Aquasport but perhaps with a little more strength work added to the aerobic conditioning.

Class 27 – September 12th, Alignment Flow YogaA great class for someone slightly familiar with yoga who is interested in advancing the precision of their poses.

Class 26 – September 10th, Best Abs Ever: Quick and challenging. Using a mat, a resistance band and our own body weight we flew through two sets of seven different ab exercises with 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Class 25 – September 10th, Boxing Boot CampCardio heavy with a little strength work mixed in, this is a good class for someone who is curious about boxing and wants their heart to pound.

Class 24 – September 7th, Best Arms EverA fantastic 15 minute fix for those of us who know we should be strength training our arms but could use some guidance. Paired resistance bands with constant movement to strengthen arms and increase mobility.

Class 23 – September 6th, Barefoot Body Conditioning: A strength training class with balance work containing elements of barre, yoga, weights, and pilates all mixed together for a difficult yet low impact workout.

Class 22 – August 28th, Trilogy BarreA barre class using resistance bands to isolate different muscles. Low impact. No weights or ball used.

Class 21 – June 5th, TRX MAXA circuit workout with three stations, all with two different exercises to be done for a minute each before progressing to the next station. Fast paced cardio segments in between the 3 circuit rotations, ending with core work and a little stretching. TRX made up one of the 3 stations. Challenging strength and cardio combo.

Class 20 – April 27th, Core SynergyA low impact strength, balance and flexibility class using mostly body weight and some barbells. Included squats, balance work, high plank work, and leg works. Many exercises had stages 1, 2 or 3 so you could easily modify.

Class 19 – April 23rd, TabataAn intense cardio and strength training combination class with almost no recovery time between sets. Barbell work, jumping, lunges, squats, planks, burpees, lots of sweat with no muscles ignored and no time wasted.

Class 18 – April 5th, Damage ControlShort intervals of cardio and strength work followed by brief recovery periods. Included weight work (about ten-pound dumbbells), squats, burpees, push-ups and some jumping.

Class 17 – April 3rd, Power YogaA great opportunity for those comfortable with a beginner yoga class to expand their practice with more challenging work and less description of beginner poses and sequences. Included crow pose and headstand.

Class 16 – March 27th, PilatesAfter a dynamic warm-up, mat work utilized the weight of the body and legs, a circle, ball, and light weights (briefly) to work on core flexibility and strength. Great for feeling parts of your abs you didn’t realize existed.

Class 15 – March 26th, Yoga for RunnersA class clearly planned with the runner in mind. Familiar yoga poses like Warrior One and Downward Facing Dog complemented deep hip stretches, lunge variations, lower back work, gentle twists, and shoulder and neck exercises. The instructor is a runner as well as a yoga teacher and his knowledge of both was evident.

Class 14 – March 25th, Gold BarreClear ballet and figure skating influences throughout. A low impact workout: jumps were optional and not a large part of the class and the modified version was still challenging especially if you went lower into the bend. Great for anyone looking to increase lower body and core strength in a low-impact environment while also gently toning the arms.

Class 13 – March 24th, Performance CyclingHard intervals. I mean hard. But welcoming instructor who reminded people they could modify. Structured so that you could get a maximum intensity performance class, but you didn’t feel awkward if you pushed a bit too hard and skipped the next effort. Great class for someone who wants to get stronger.

Class 12 – March 13th, Zumba: Fast paced dance moves that frequently changed direction. This class may leave beginners feeling lost and frustrated. Once you know what you’re doing this class could be really fun.

Class 11 – March 11th, The CutFun fun fun fun fun. Most of the class used 2 pound weights and kickboxing sequences with about a 5:1 punch to kick ratio. Sequences would be demonstrated and we’d walk through them slowly for a bit, and then the music would accelerate and we’d go into the sequence full-speed. A wonderful combination of strength, cardio and pure enjoyment.

Class 10 – March 6th, Stacked!A fun and challenging pyramid workout. Exercises were done for 30 seconds each and each set built on itself. First, we did 30 seconds of diagonal lunges. Then we had the next step demonstrated and we did 30 seconds of diagonal lunges AND 30 seconds of jump rope. Etc. until we were doing a 3 minute solid set of 6 exercises for 30 seconds each, then on to a second pyramid after a rest. A solid full-body workout in just under an hour.

Class 9 – February 28th, Vinyasa YogaSome flowing yoga and also some holding of balances or positions. Absolute beginners might prefer a more restorative yoga class or a private introduction since it can be hard to flow through poses without knowledge of those poses. Challenging hour long class, definitely felt it in arms and legs the next day.

Class 8 – February 27th, AquasportLow impact workout. Not as easy as you’d think. This class was easy to modify; if you’re running through the water as fast as you can, it becomes a great resistance workout. Many of the exercises involved moving barbell floats under water. It’s not overly easy keeping those things down and moving them in a controlled way.

Class 7 – February 18th, Studio CyclingClassic studio cycling. Some intervals, a few longer efforts, good music. Like any indoor cycling class I’ve taken, a lot depends on the instructor. Finding an instructor you enjoy who plays music you like is key!

Class 6 – February 17th, Pure Strength: 100% strength workout. There were four stations in the room and each station had a mat for floor work and some sort of weight exercise. We partnered up and rotated through stations together. One partner would do the weight exercise while the other one did mat work, and then we would switch after 2-8 reps of the weights.

Class 5 – February 3rd, Pilates FusionA great all-in-one fitness class that combines light strength work with a little cardio and numerous flexibility and range of movement exercises. A wonderful anti-aging class; gentle and effective. The first part of the class was some cardio and then a weight routine using light weights. Similar feel to an aerobics class. Second part of the class was more traditional pilates mat work.

Class 4 – January 24th, The Pursuit: Indoor cycling class with a twist. What makes The Pursuit different from other indoor cycling classes is that they display your individual or team stats on the wall for different games while you’re riding. Your individual stats will be displayed by bike number for some of the games, and there’s a leader board at the end of each segment. After the class, the full leaderboard is available online with your username and photo if you supplied one. A motivating and fun experience that gets you to push hard for some longer intervals (most of the games were 9-10 minutes long.)

Class 3 – January 18th, Best Butt EverWe used weights, a resistance band around the thighs, a step and gliders. I seriously enjoyed this class. The diversity of exercises was fun, and the instructor played great techno music perfectly matched to the sequences we were doing. Class was more strength than cardio, but there’s still jumping jacks and some fast cardio sequences. Go because it’s fun, not because you want to look a certain way.

Class 2 – January 16th, True Barre: I left class feeling like I had worked a lot of different muscle groups in isolation. Felt closer to pilates than ballet, almost no resemblance to a traditional ballet barre routine. Focused more on strength training than flexibility or cardio. Good diversity of age in class participants.

Class 1 – January 13th, Firestarter: This cardio intense class used a step to do different exercise sequences in pyramid intervals. A lot of jumping, definitely a lot of sweating, definitely an elevated heart-rate throughout the half hour.