Boston V Party – Vegan Food & Craft Beer Fest at SoWa

Had a great time today at the Boston V Party vegan food and craft beer festival held at SoWa in Boston. It was hosted by Taco Party, a vegan food truck and catering company that makes some pretty delicious tacos.  Sweet potato or sriracha bbq jackfuit taco, anyone? (I so want them to cater one of my birthday parties now – bucket list!) It was nice to be surrounded by delicious food and other vegans. Vendors included: FoMu ice […]

I’ve been asked to speak at a wellness event!

I’ll announce details as the event approaches, but I’m excited to have been asked to give a 35 minute presentation at a wellness event! Here’s what one of the event organizers wrote when pitching the idea to me in an e-mail: I’m thrilled by her kind words and so excited to speak! Normally my public speaking is focused on food choices and the environment. I can’t wait for a chance to talk about fitness and motivation […]

Equinox Class Review: TRX MAX

This post is part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every group fitness class offered at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill. See the full list of reviews here. Class length: 50 Minutes Description from the Equinox: Challenge your entire body with this innovative circuit class that tests your strength, endurance, core and more. What Class Was Like TRX MAX was a circuit workout with Tabata style increments of minute long work reps followed […]

The Years are Short

There’s something magical about one-on-one outings with a child. With just the two of us, goal alignment is easy. We can see what he wants to see, lunch where he wants to lunch. There’s no negotiating between siblings about what to see next, how fast to walk, who gets to sit next to the window. We go at his pace. We see what he’d like to see, for as long as he’s interested. We pause […]

Beginner’s Guide to Taking Good Race Photos

We got to watch Greg run a half marathon and a 5k this month and it reminded me how much I love spectating races. The energy, athleticism, enthusiasm and effort are contagious. It’s an amazing place to be. I also love it when I get a good photo of Greg running. Most of my photos aren’t great, but I’ve started to notice what makes the good ones better. Here are the photography tips I’ve found […]