Race Ribbon Repurpose: DIY Makeup Roll

I sewed something besides Halloween costumes for my kids! I wanted a makeup roll for my gym bag so I could streamline my morning routine. Ok, and to increase the number of days I bother putting makeup on. I love it when I wear makeup. I’ll forget and then walk by a mirror and I look so… rested. Energetic. Vibrant. I think it makes me act more put together. The feminist in me would love […]

Great Swim Today

Had a great swim today! Learned that my trainer has been purposefully increasing my yardage and that I swam 1200 yards this week during our session and 1250 last session. That’s over twice the length of Tri For a Cure! Obviously I can’t take breaks every 50 or 100 yards during the Tri, but knowing that I’m swimming twice the distance of my race when I go to the pool for an hour is a good […]

Equinox Class Review: The Pursuit (Cycling)

This post is part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to try every group fitness class offered at my gym, The Equinox in Chestnut Hill. First of all… Anyone else having totally one of those days? Those 10 minutes late to drop off, checking into the gym 2 minutes before class when you’re a type A, forgetting a major piece of clothing when you planned to go straight to kindergarten volunteering from the gym kind […]

Women’s March on Boston

Confession. I wasn’t going to attend the Women’s March on Boston. I had a weekend away planned with Greg, and I felt as though one person wouldn’t make that much of a difference in the crowds. And selfishly/self-care-ishly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to experience the roller coaster of emotions. I felt as though I’d done my march when I campaigned in Nashua, and I’d keep quietly working on the sidelines by voting, supporting the […]

Take care of yourself today

  Do something that makes you smile. Do something that reminds you that you have power. Power to change something small that’s bothering you, or to brighten someone else’s day.  Unplug. Take a walk. It’s always a good day to take a deep breath and take care of yourself.