Pain in the Neck

Ok, so I haven’t posted a new class this week because I pulled my neck getting out of bed on Tuesday morning.


I work out four days a week and how do I get neck strain? Not from the Pure Strength class I was stoked to try on Tuesday, oh no, just from rolling out of bed.

This might be related to my new pillow, which has been helping me sleep through the night but seems to be bothering my neck.


I canceled my class reservation so someone else could have my spot, and I rested for two days until I legitimately felt better.

I’m proud.

It was not easy. I had a four-day hiatus from working out because I’d taken Sunday and Monday off before straining my neck Tuesday.

Did I get more laundry done and catch up on e-mail? Yes. But I felt progressively less cheerful.

Exercise really does make me the happy and resilient person who types up over-enthusiastic granola bar photo captions on Instagram. I like that person. I know she’s a suburban mommy stereotype, but she’s happy, darn it, and I like her.

So I’m pleased to say that my rest paid off and I had a wonderful swim session this morning.

Tomorrow I’m eyeing up a Pilates Fusion class. I need to take a new class tomorrow if I’m going to this week because on Saturday Greg and I are going to The Pursuit together! He went with me last week, and it was so much fun. I loved having him there. I spent the entire class grinning like a high school girl who got partnered with her teenage crush for science lab. So… we’re going again.

I knew this might happen. That I might fall in love with certain classes so much that it would become hard to try new ones.

But that’s a great problem to have, isn’t it? I find myself sneaking in an extra gym day so I can justify another spin class but still try something new. It’s fantastic because exercise does such wonderful things for our health.

I’m not going to post a photo of my pillow to go with this post because… well, it’s not such a value add and besides, it’s upstairs. So here’s a #throwbackthursday for you.


Granola bar making in 2014.

Still happy about those homemade granola bars. 😉



  1. Oh, glad your neck is better! How fun you two found a class you like together! I’m happy John is going to the gym and working out now, he has a trainer that is helping him find a routine. Getting him to the gym more often means I don’t feel guilty about spending time at the gym – not that I really did. LOL

  2. Love the excitement, energy and happiness in this post. That’s what it’s all about, right? Running is supposed to be fun. Good to hear that your neck is fine.

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