Plant Powered 5k Recap & My Next Half Marathon!

I had a great time at the Plant-Powered 5k on Saturday! It was a fundraiser for Farm Sanctuary, and the vegan social group I’m part of had the largest team and raised the most money.

It was great to be with the group for a good cause, and the Sofritas burritos, Munk packs, and Hippeas snacks at the end didn’t hurt!

I was not exactly prepared. Check out how much I ran all summer!

Ahh. Less than 20 miles in 3 months.

I used to run that in a week. I’m lucky I finished that 5k without walking, even at a cautious pace of 11 minutes per mile!

The more responsible thing would have been to do the 2.5k walk (which is what I’d tell you to do, and probably what I should have done), but I took it slow and it was fun, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed being a stronger runner.

So I gave myself a little incentive to ramp up for this spring.


Maine Coast Half Marathon here I come!

There won’t be a pig cheering me on and the founder of Purple Carrot won’t be there… but there is beer at the end so I think I’ll be motivated to go the distance anyway.

PS – Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I had a wonderful day on Friday, and a wonderful weekend. Time with Greg, time with friends, and *yikes*! We’re now a soccer family.



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  1. Great article. And Happy birthday! Lovely photos. So cute to see the soccer kid! He’ll have a blast playing no doubt. All the best, Laura

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