Race Ribbon Repurpose: DIY Makeup Roll


I sewed something besides Halloween costumes for my kids!

I wanted a makeup roll for my gym bag so I could streamline my morning routine.

Ok, and to increase the number of days I bother putting makeup on.

I love it when I wear makeup. I’ll forget and then walk by a mirror and I look so… rested. Energetic. Vibrant. I think it makes me act more put together. The feminist in me would love to shun makeup in the name of self-acceptance-just-as-you-are but darn it, I love looking more energized.

So I sewed myself a makeup roll for the gym, customized to hold everything I might possibly want in the order that I put it on. No more fumbling around for the mascara!

The best part was repurposing one of my race ribbons. Not only was it enjoyable seeing my four-year old’s face when I cut the ribbon on one of my race medals (this way I’ll see it even more often, sweetie, it’s ok), but now I have a regular reminder of my favorite race.

The DIY instructions I used are available on the Momtastic blog, and if you want variations there are tons of free patterns online. The Momtastic version calls for a napkin and would sew up in minutes because you wouldn’t need to finish the edges. I didn’t have a napkin I wanted to use, so I finished the edges on some cut fabric and proceeded from there.

Don’t forget to finish the cut edges of your race ribbon so they won’t unravel! I sewed mine, but you could also use clear nail polish.



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  1. Love it! You are so crafty. : )

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