It’s November, 2013, and I write this a few days before running my second half marathon.  I remember laughing at my husband when he tried to get me to start running before our kids were born.  I gave it a moderate effort, but was too frustrated when I got out of breath after running only a few blocks.  Like many people new to running, I assumed that meant that I was not cut out to be a runner, rather than trusting that with repeated efforts, I would improve.

Sure enough, by using  the Couch to 5k walk/run program that helped me slowly make progress, I went from never having run a mile to running my first 5k in September of 2012.  A year later, I was running my first half marathon.

This blog chronicled much of my journey from running my first 10k to training for and running my first half marathon.  If you’re interested in running a half marathon, especially if it’s for the first time, reading about another runner’s journey through motivational highs and lows, and lessons learned along the way, might be helpful!

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Good luck to anyone considering adding distance to their running!  It’s been an amazing(ly long) journey for me, and I love remembering that I’ve run a half marathon when I’m having a tough day and need a reminder of my own strength and resilience.

There were plenty of times when I wanted to give up, stop running, or not go for my next long run.  Sometimes I rescheduled, but always I got those miles in, one way or another, until come September I was confidently poised at the starting line with no question in my mind of whether or not I would finish.  I knew I was ready.  I was excited to find out how long it’d take me.

Running  a half marathon has made me more patient, determined, and resilient in my every day life.  This struck me once at a funny moment when I was peeling peaches for cobbler, realizing that any sane person would have given up and made half the amount of cobbler, but not a distance runner.  We finish what we start, and we know that slowly, one step at a time, we will get there… no matter how far away “there” is.  Couldn’t we all use a little of that strength and perspective in our lives?

It’s a great reason to go for it if you’re flirting with the idea of attempting a half marathon.  Start slow, add only 10% to your mileage a week, and not every week, and give yourself the time you need to get there.  But I promise you, it’s a worthwhile destination.

Best wishes 🙂


  1. Hi! I -needed- to find this blog! I’ve been running since earlier this year (though since I also dance, I was able to get to 5k pretty quickly which was a pleasant surprise)… Now I go about 6km when I run. What made me comment was reading about how you worked your way up to 13.1 (or where I live, 21km) in what seems to be a year (if I am reading correctly). The coincidence is that I have decided to work MY way up to that distance so I can run my first half marathon next year in September! I’ll definitely be bookmarking your blog and I look forward to using it as a motivating point of reference.
    Have a nice day!
    Cheers from Italy

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