Have skeptics in your life?  Tired of people bombarding you with arguments about calcium and protein and expecting you to be able to cite specific research supporting your plant-based diet?  No problem.  Dr. Michael Greger M.D. has a website filled with short video clips offering summaries of the latest research on nutrition.  Every video is intelligent, cites specific studies, and is explained in a way that non-scientists (like ye old history major here) can understand.  Watch some of his videos on B-12 or let him explain to skeptics why dairy is NOT good for their health.  I could watch his videos all day, because they’re engaging, research-backed, and fascinating.

No Meat Athlete:  I love Matt Frazier’s guide to transitioning to more plant-based eating.  It’s easy to read, easy to understand, and has great information about why eating plants is the best thing a runner can do for their bodies.  His recipes aren’t fussy, and he gives great information about how to fuel with whole foods and plant-based nutrition while you’re on the run.  I have a No Meat Athlete shirt I like to race in, and I even got to meet him after the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon in June!  His website is a great resource, but I absolutely recommend buying his book also.  Great information about running as well as plant-based nutrition.

Bonzai Aphrodite has a wonderful post on When Vegans Get Sick, worth reading.