Oh She Glows: Angela Liddon is a whole foods focused vegan with amazingly delicious recipes.  She writes a blog with tons of free recipes online, and has also sold a cookbook.  Her cookbook is FANTASTIC, and her food is delicious as well as healthy.  She has a lot of gluten free and nut free options if either is a consideration.  Some of her recipes had lots of ingredients and can take a little time.  All of them are worth it.  If you’re looking for a spectacular recipe to serve company, check her out!  She does have more simple recipes, too.

Healthy Happy Life: Kathy Patalsky just released an amazing cookbook, Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen which is filled with mostly whole-foods based recipes that are all as delicious as they are vegan (which is 100%).  Check out her blog for many of her recipes, and if you like what you see, I promise the cookbook is a great investment!

The Post Punk Kitchen: Isa Chandra is one of the foremost vegan food authors in the country.  She has published tons of vegan cookbooks.  She’s a great place to learn how to transition to vegan cooking, since she offers a lot of “veganized” versions of traditional recipes.  Looking for vegan pancakes?  Isa is your girl.  Vegan cookies?  Isa.  She’s got great comfort food recipes, but they’re not guaranteed to be quite as healthy as Oh She Glows or other whole-foods focused vegan cooks.  (Sometimes that’s ok!)  Many of her recipes are online, and if you like her style check out some of her cookbooks!  Vegan Brunch is a favorite in our house, and I bake our Christmas cookies from Veganomicon.