Best Documentaries About Plant-Based Eating

Forks Over Knives – a wonderful documentary about the importance of a whole foods plant-based diet for our health, with only brief information about the environmental and animal rights elements.  Watch it on Netflix.  Watch it on Amazon.

Cowspiracy – directed by Leonardo DiCaprio, this documentary explores the environmental impact of animal agriculture, and why no one’s talking about it. Exploring greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, deforestation, dead zones in the ocean, the film demonstrates the incredible power we have to reduce the environmental harm we cause by changing the type of food on our plate. It will inspire you to feel good about every plant-based meal you consume! Watch it on Netflix.

Vegucated – a documentary that follows 3 people trying a vegan diet for 6 weeks.  Heartfelt and interesting, great introduction to some of the strategies for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.  Good information about animal rights and the environmental impact of eating meat/dairy.  Not as whole foods focused – yes, oreos are vegan, no, they are not food! Watch it on Netflix.  Watch it on Amazon.

ADAPTT lecture – Gary Yourofsky is an intelligent, charismatic and powerful speaker.  In his hour long lecture at Georgia Tech, he makes compelling philosophical arguments about animal rights, covers the science showing that humans are not meant to be meat-eaters, and shares some vegan food products that can make transitioning easier.  I learned some disgusting things about the dairy industry, and it reinforced my passion for a vegan lifestyle.